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Popular Beauty Products

Anti Aging Facial Creams Buyer's Guide Anti Aging Facial Creams
Today's high tech facial cream products claim to have anti-aging formulations that will prevent your skin from sagging and anti-oxidants for maximum skin protection. These products claim to create the illusion of fewer wrinkles, revitalizes your skin and replenishes skin moisture.
Skincode Skin Care Products and Creams Skincode - While eating a light lunch of salad greens and mango iced green tea, my "beauty experts" and I got right down to talking about their latest product, Skincode, a skincare line developed by the Swiss that has a new range of anti-aging products dubbed as Skincode Exclusive.
Skin Whitening Product Rep Amanda Griffin Pond's Skin Whitening Products
Pond's, a world-class skin care expert and the number one facial care brand in the Philippines, celebrates beauty, femininity and sophistication as it launches the newest face of the Pond's whitening line of products: the young and stunning Amanda Griffin.

Popular Articles

Wrinkle Reducer - Creams for Reducing Wrinkles
Here are wrinkle reducer products, their ingredients and how they are supposed to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.

Nonsurgical Face Lift - Nip/Tuck the Painless Way
Learn the secrets of nonsurgical face lift such as Aptos Thread, Obagi method, Botox, Perlane and Restylane injections, Hydrogel Injection and other non-surgical face lifts such as Autofat Injection and Stem Cell Auto Grafting.

Smoother, Whiter skin the YSA Botanica Way - So how does one pick out the right skin product that can really whiten skin without adverse effects?

Dr. Brandt Skin Care and Microdermabrasion
For immediate softening of lines around the mouth, Brandt's Crease Release Cream will gives an instant smoothing effect lessening the appearance of tiny fine lines.

Antiaging Product
Estee Lauder's Perfectionist, Murad's patented Skin Repair System, Awake by Kose, Expression Line Control, Sisley All Day, Obagi Nuderm, and more.

Hydroderm Antiwrinkle
This scientifically formulated cream has a system that allows the collagen to penetrate into the deepest skin layers and strengthen collagen. The secret really is in the amount of moisture trapped in the skin.

Getting a Foot Spa
There used to be a time when getting a pedicure is just a ho-hum routine. Nowadays, it is unthinkable to get a pedicure without a foot spa thrown in.

Fit for Summer Fat Burning and Weight Loss Program
Slimmer's World is offering it's ultimate core fat burning programme for men and women which they call body metrics along with free dance aerobics for only P45 a day. Marie France, on the other hand, is offering a tummy flattening program that promises to lose inches off your waist in two weeks' time along with free electro-lypolysis for early enrollees.

Newbie on the beauty block: Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation
Cake, liquid, gel or mousse? When it comes to choosing a foundation, there are no hard and fast rules. What works for you may not necessarily work for the other because we have different skin types that range from oily, dry to combination skin.

Passive Exercise at Institut Santre
The first in the Philippines exclusively for men, Institut Santre fills the niche where traditional methods of slimming cannot deliver results.

Skin Care Guide - Guide to taking care of dry skin, pimples and how to remove unsightly dryness and skin scaliness.

Hair Care Tips - Get hair care tips from the experts. Separate the facts from the fallacies. Discover how to prevent baldness and hair loss. Strait hair rebonding.

Shopping Online - Buy online fashion accessories, health, fitness and beauty products.

Achieve a Slimmer Body as YSA Skin Care Center - Visit the YSA Skin Care Center and get to know more about mesotherapy, the latest breakthrough in modern cosmetology.

Cosmetic for the Asian Woman - Mistine is a cosmetic line developed and formulated specially for the Asian woman. Mistine products use natural plant extracts to whiten, firm up and rejuvenate skin to give you that natural glow.

Smart Caller Ring Tunes - Smart Communications Inc. (SMART) has come up with another world-first that allows subscribers to send a caller ring tune over-the-air to any SMART Gold, Addict Mobile, Buddy and Talk 'N Text user.

Treadmill News - Product recalls and guide to buying treadmills online.

Credit Card Promos - What is shopping without credit cards? Here are some of the best credit card promos and tips.

Tips on How To Get Pregnant - Getting pregnant with your first child is one of the most difficult things new couples encounter.

Facial Peels by Lancome, Elizabeth Arden - Next to Botox injections, facial peels are said to be on every woman's to-do list to achieve such a complexion.

Top Fashion Brand Fornarina - Europe's top fashion brand, Fornarina will open its signature shop in the Philippines at Araneta Center's latest landmark property development, the Gateway Mall, billed as "Like No Other Mall in the World."

Heart Evangelista - What's better than getting yummy meals at Yoshinoya? Having your meal served by no less than Heart Evangelista!

Tami Colors It Christmas - Walking through Tami Leung's shop feels a lot like walking into a scene from The Christmas Village.

Beauty Tips - Read articles and tips on how to have a smooth, blemish free, flawless skin. Beauty must haves and guide to choosing beauty products. Products to remove unwanted hair.

Makeup Tips -Articles such as "A Teenager's Guide to Buying Makeup" and product tips such as "How To Choose a Foundation.

New Articles

Kanebo's Yoneda Junya - Thirty-year-old Yoneda Junya admits to being a TV addict since he was a kid. But instead of animes, he likes to watch fashion shows.

Testimo by Kanebo Makeup Demo

Antioxidant & Antiaging - Creams, Pills, Facials, Microdermabrasion
We know that oxidative damage, the process of death and aging at the cell level, is caused by an invading molecule called a free radicals. Buy antiaging pills, creams, facials, and microdermabrasion to help with your skincare.

Antiaging Skin Care - Face and Body
Shopping guide for antiaging skin care products for the face and body. Crème de la Mer, La Prairie, Shiseido, Sisleya, Phytomer, Awake, Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Nivea, Guinot and more.

Acupuncture Face Lift and Facial Rejuvenation
Alternative health practitioners and beauty therapists alike have found that acupuncture could be another option to defy aging and restoring beauty to the face. The treatment, called facial rejuvenation therapy involves placing needles at points where the body's vital energy - also known in Chinese as qi (pronounced chee) - is supposedly blocked.

Moderate and Severe Acne - Do you think that by now you should have outgrown having zits on your face? Are you flabbergasted that your horrible high-school complexion has returned?

Guinot Instant Radiance Vials - Guinot Institut Paris, the French skin care expert lets all the ladies in on the secret to terrific skin for wedding days and other special occasions that require long wearing make-up.

Guinot Tres Homme: Skincare for Debonair Dads - Guinot Instuitute Paris, the leading French skin care line introduces their Tres Homme line that’s low maintenance yet high on skin benefits.

Baby Skin Care - A child's skin especially, requires great care as it is fine textured, delicate and prone to allergic reactions.

Mascara Lash Out - I've always had an aversion to mascara ever since that first time I very nearly gouged out an eye with a mascara brush.

Azzaro Visit - The launch comes close at the heels of the successful launch of Azzaro for Men, ranked third among new masculine fragrances in 2003 in France.

The Fashion and Music of Ashanti - Urban credibility has been the hallmark of Ashanti’s success in the world of music and fashion.

Va-Va-Bond - It was good old classic gone bad, as the bond, once tagged as "the Spice Girls of classical music," cajoled, seduced and got the stoic crowd to clap their hands in time with the techno beat.

Greenhills Shopping Center - Before the ukay-ukay, there was only the Greenhills Shopping Center (GSC) and its hundreds of tiangges offering a wide array of clothes, shoes and bags.

Cool Dads are now P99! - Shop for Father’s Day gifts at The P99 Store.

To Market Cafe We Go - Ultra-modern. Innovative. These are the last things one would associate with the word "market," a choatic, sometimes dank place where one's senses are assailed by every sight and smell, where hawkers sell every imaginable ware.

Domecq's Fundador - He has done this a thousand times before, but Don Beltran Domecq, direct descendant of the founders of the House of Domecq, makers of Fundador, the first Spanish brandy, savors every glass of brandy as if it is his first.

Excellent Watches for Dads at Time Depot - Giving Dad a timepiece from a recognized watch specialty store is a surefire way to impress him, make him proud and earn his respect.

Wristwear - For the best back-to-school wristwear, watch retail store Time Depot offers students on the go versatile options in timepieces ranging from simple and classic, to hip & colorful, to rugged, sporty & techie, at reasonable price points.

Cravings' Cheers for Dad's Day - Cravings celebrates Fathers' Day not just on a single date, but for a whole week!

Chinese Film Festival In Manila - The Chinese Film Festival 2005 kicks off on June 10 at the Shang Cineplex in Mandaluyong City as part of the 30th Anniversary of the RP-China Diplomatic Relations.

Coke Joins F&B Manutech Expo - This event has the full support of key players in the F&B industry, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) has once again signed-up with the expo.

PriceSmart at 4 - PriceSmart pioneered the membership warehouse shopping concept, and countless countries, including the Philippines, are now benefiting from this retailing concept.

Nesvita Shopping Spree - Raffle winner Michelle, accompanied by her mom, shopped like there was no tomorrow in popular outlet stores, buying whatever catches her fancy from clothes, shoes, perfumes, make up and other beauty products, and even toys.

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