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Adventure Chic Nautica Watches

Itís the number one fashion trend in the world.
The lure of challenges that test peopleís abilities in
new ways has given rise to a new chic: adventure gear.
Casual togs and accessories ranging from cargo pants
and backpacks to the latest watch trends, all used for
day-to-day wear, take on a new look with different
styles and color variants.

These items are also fast making their way to the
modern workplace. Casual Friday adventure wear is
becoming an "everyday of the week" phenomenon, and the
styles are becoming more refined. More and more male
stylesetters and executives favor accessories that
allow a smooth transition from boardroom to home or
recreational pursuits. Now, more than ever, itís all
about easygoing style, comfort and performance. 

The intrinsics of design, function and quality that
todayís trendsetting men value are at the heart of the
Nautica vision. Over the last two decades, the Nautica
concept has evolved from a collection of men's
outerwear to a complete lifestyle brand. From men's
sportswear, Nautica has expanded into men's tailored
clothing, dress shirts and ties, to a complete
collection of accessories, including watches.

Nautica reflects upscale, functional design. Itís
attuned to classic, casual fashion tastes with a
contemporary twist. Now comes the simple, clean, and
stylish line of watches in a variety of looks and
functions. Available in titanium or steel, Nautica
watches are both lightweight and very durable, making
them the ideal outdoor enthusiastís or adventurerís
watch. The high-tech look of the brand enables the
wearer to feel comfortable in any environment, be it
the open seas or a business or casual setting. 

Nautica watches seamlessly merge refined technology
with rugged appeal. Sporty in contours, strong yet
sleek and suited for the great outdoors as well as for
the competitive workplace milieu, Nauticaís features
include water resistance up to 100 meters and a
chronograph display.

Check out Nautica timepieces, known for superior
quality, cutting-edge design, and affordability, at
Time Depot, the foremost retailer of technologically
proficient timepieces, with branches at Rockwell,
Makati; Eastwood City Walk II, Quezon City; 
Robinsonís Place, Manila; Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
Mandaluyong; SM Pampanga, and SM in Davao.

Source: Geiser Maclang Communications

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