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Over 200+ pages of free beauty and makeup tips plus lots of articles about anti aging, health, fitness and beauty.

Skin Whitening Product Rep Amanda Griffin

Pond's Skin Whitening Products
Pond's, a world-class skin care expert and the number one facial care brand in the Philippines, celebrates beauty, femininity and sophistication as it launches the newest face of the Pond's whitening line of products: the young and stunning Amanda Griffin.

Anti Aging Products

Articles and products to help slow down the aging process and keep you looking younger.

Anti Aging Facial Creams Buyer's Guide Anti Aging Facial Creams
Today's high tech facial cream products claim to have anti-aging formulations that will prevent your skin from sagging and anti-oxidants for maximum skin protection. These products claim to create the illusion of fewer wrinkles, revitalizes your skin and replenishes skin moisture.
Skincode Skin Care Products and Creams Skincode - While eating a light lunch of salad greens and mango iced green tea, my "beauty experts" and I got right down to talking about their latest product, Skincode, a skincare line developed by the Swiss that has a new range of anti-aging products dubbed as Skincode Exclusive.
Cosmetics for the Asian Woman Cosmetic for the Asian Woman - Mistine is a cosmetic line developed and formulated specially for the Asian woman. Mistine products use natural plant extracts to whiten, firm up and rejuvenate skin to give you that natural glow.
Treadmill News and Product Guide Headlines and news about treadmills. Product recalls. Guide to buying treadmills online.

Articles & Lifestyle

Ponds White Beauty Skin Whitening Vitamin Leave-on Range
Pond's introduces the New Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Leave-on Range. It effectively whitens the skin and lightens pimple scars and dark spots to give women the flawless rosy white skin they've always dreamed of.

Prevention of Premature Aging and Skin Cancer
The lines on your face say it all: premature facial lines have added years to your actual age. Premature aging and skin cancer can be prevented as long as you listen to expert's advice and take the necessary steps to follow them.

Smoother, Whiter skin the YSA Botanica Way - So how does one pick out the right skin product that can really whiten skin without adverse effects? By making sure that these products contain the most important ingredient proven to help whiten skin safely.

Whiter, Stunningly Beautiful Skin: Easy tips to Skin that Shines - The quest to achieve smooth and fair skin has become a modern obsession for today's women.

Atomoxetine HCl, first non-stimulant ADHD medication now available in the Philippines
Atomoxetine HCl, a non-stimulant treatment for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is now available in the Philippines. It is the first and only non-stimulant approved for the treatment of ADHD in children, adolescents and adults.

All natural this summer at Vivere Salon - Hair and scalp treatments
With the blazing heat of the sun and damaging effects of summer-produced elements, Vivere Salon offers All Natural Summer promo which presents five distinctive hair and scalp treatments catering to five specific needs and conditions.

Make good of bad hair
As enlightened women, we are aware that the role models held up for us are uniformly slim, well made-up, expensively dressed and perfectly coiffed—women without bad hair days at all.

Kim Tyo: Amway's new face
International model Kim Tyo might just be a familiar face on magazine covers and your daily dose of fashion TV, but she is sure to become another household name now that she is spokesperson for Amway.

Fitness: Celebrity-Style
Celebrities with hordes of screaming and adoring fans, they all share a passion for physical fitness, and have created great-looking bodies by blending weight training and cardiovascular exercise in their workout programs at Mojo Gym!

Tina Juan Teaches Men How to Flex Their Orgasm Muscle
Unknown to most men and women, there is a muscle within the body which, when kept in tiptop shape, can help maximize one’s sexual experiences.

Regine Shines for SkinWhite Lotion - Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez lends her magnificent voice to the country's number 1 whitening lotion as she sings the newest SkinWhite Lotion song, entitled "Shine."

High-Tech Health...The Future of Aesthetic and Laser Technology - A total aesthetic and laser center, Clarity offers its patrons a holistic and comprehensive approach to taking care of all their healthy and beauty needs.

Pond’s, the most trusted name in skin and the leading face care brand in the Philippines, recently concluded the successful Pond’s Beauty Powder ‘Guess the Guy’ Mystery Promo.

Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Facial Wash cleanses the skin thoroughly but gently, while whitening and nourishing it at the same time. Unlike other whitening hard soaps that dry the skin, Pond's whitening facial wash is packed with vitamins that leave your skin soft, smooth and radiantly rosy white.

Kao Sofina Alblanc Skin Care Brand, Skin Whitening Products
The Kao Corporation will be launching a new skin care brand called Alblanc. It is designed to restore your beautiful white skin tone. There are currently 16 items in the product line.

Anti Aging, Looking for the Fountain of Youth - The desire to look younger becomes stronger as we age. Sagging skin and wrinkles gets worse as we grow older. But the good news is that there are anti aging products in various forms to help you look younger and help you rediscover the fountain of youth.

Sculptra Facial Filler - Sculptra fills wrinkle lines by stimulating skin cells to increase volume, with effects lasting as long as two years. It was also approved in Europe for people with lipoatrophy or facial wasting.

Aside from giving girls the chance to be as beautiful as they want to be, Pond’s, the leading face care expert, is embarking on the “Pond’s Perfect Prom” Promo. Pond’s knows how important the prom is to every teenage girl. She dreams about her perfect dress, her perfect date, her perfect prom.

Drying Up the Myths on Moisturizers
Most moisturizing products help the skin in some ways but harm it in other aspects. Some products may paradoxically cause the skin to dry prematurely.

Skin Whitening News - Updated news and information about skin whitening products from around the world.

Ever Bilena Releases Lush for Lashes - Ever Bilena introduces two new eye mascaras to liven up those eyelashes. Advance Flexicoat Technology and Advance Lengthening Mascara curls, lengthens and thickens your lashes.

Spicy Twist To Alzheimer’s Cure - Many people may be unaware yellow curry, a popular ingredient in most Asian cooking, is actually beneficial against Alzheimer’s disease, and lowers the risk of getting it. - the country’s fast rising dating website and The Coffee Beanery -- a coffeeshop chain known as the home of Latte Art and award-winning concoctions – join hands together for “speedmatching”, a popular mode of dating among youths in Europe and America, geared for busy singles who want to meet other singles in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Bond with Your Man - In this ridiculously stressful, fast-paced world, pampering is the best way to show that you care a lot about your partner’s needs.


Look Fab and Still be Frugal - With the country’s fiscal crisis threatening to reduce our simple lives to the barest essentials, how does one keep out bad hair days in bad times?

Hairloss 911 - Actually, hair loss is inevitable and normal. In fact, it is normal to lose between 75 to 150 strands daily. Losing this amount of hair is part of the natural life cycle of hair, and it allows room for new hair to grow.

Hair Guru Corrects Mistakes - On the occasion of Grandparent’s Day, hair guru Tony Galvez salutes grandmothers and great grandmothers. He addresses two of the most common mistakes among women in their senior years.

Franck Provost reveals haircut styles for the independent Filipina - Haircut styles and hair color techniques now cater to a more independent, career-oriented Filipina woman constantly on the go.

Style on Bare Skin - It was all about skin ---- lots of it--- bared and shown to great advantage in cocktail dresses and gowns cut low at the bodice and plunging way, way down at the back. And colors that brought out the beauty and allure of beautiful skin.

Mesothelioma - Did you know that there are people who are willing to pay as much as $100 per click on an advertisement about "Mesothelioma?" I was therefore curious to know what it is all about.

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Read articles and tips on how to have a smooth, blemish free, flawless skin. Beauty must haves and guide to choosing beauty products. Products to remove unwanted hair.

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Guide to taking care of dry skin, pimples and how to remove unsightly dryness and skin scaliness. Buy anti aging skin care products. Acne prevention tips and skin whitening products. Hydroderm vs. Botox.

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