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Axe Goes Full Throttle for the Big Bike Promo Mall Tour

Loyal Axe users and Big Bike aficionados, get ready to rule the road and ride the thunder!

Starting this August, Axe, the leading deo-cologne brand of Unilever Philippines, is revving up for a nationwide tour of the Axe Big Bike Promo. The five (5) Big Bikes that Axe is giving away Ė Moto Guzzi, BMW Rockster, Harley Davidson, Ducati SS 800, and Aprilia Ė will be visiting the biggest malls in the country.

The Axe Big Bike Promo tour will be at the following malls: Robinsonís Galleria, Robinsonís Place Manila, Robinsonís Starmills Pampanga (Sept. 3-5), Robinsonís Bacolod (Sept. 9-12), Robinsonís Metro East (Sept. 17-19), Robinsonís Lipa (Sept. 23-25), and other leading malls nationwide.

Axe premium items and exciting giveaways await the lucky people who are at the malls during the tour. Special prizes are also up for grabs for those who participate in the games at the Axe Big Bike Promo booths, which will be visited by celebrities like Brad Turvey and Menchu Antigua. Now everyone can marvel at these mean machines, pose with their favorite big bikes, meet celebrities, and even win cool prizes Ė just with an Axe purchase from the Mall Tour!

In September, you can also catch the Axe Big Bike Promo Booth in select Robinsonís Malls where, for every Axe purchase can get a chance to win cool special prizes, aside from the chance to win the big bikes!

To join the Axe Big Bike Promo, participants must buy the Axe variant matching their dream big bike. Axe Pulse users can win the Moto Guzzi Balabio while Axe Dimension users can drive home their very own BMW Rockster. The Harley Davidson is up for grabs for Axe Gravity users and the Ducati SS 800 has been hand picked for Axe Phoenix users. Axe Energy users have a chance to own an Aprilia too.

Experience the Ultimate Axe Effect with a brand new Moto Guzzi Balabio, BMW Rockster, Harley Davidson, Ducati or Aprilia! Text Axe to 2955 now! 



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