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Date: June 28, 2004

Ah, the thrill of receiving your first paycheck. For the young urban professionals, it marks a new chapter in their lives. Having a salary gives them a newfound independence, as well as a sense of pride and achievement. Thereís also the rewarding feeling that affords them financial freedom and personal satisfaction.

The young and reckless often get carried away with their newly-found purchasing power. While you should enjoy the fruits of your labor, you should also be smart enough to remember to save for rainy days ahead.

Here are some practical tips for the yuppies on how to manage their finances, only from BPI Express World, Bank of the Philippine Islandís answer to the young professionalís banking convenience. 

1. First, learn to pay yourself. Open your own savings account where you can deposit 10 percent of your take-home pay. If you have a company payroll account, just transfer part of your monthly income to your savings account which should remain untouched, except for extreme emergencies. The easiest way to do this is through an online fund transfer which you can do through BPI Express Online. With just one click, you can transfer an amount from one account to another in real time.

You can use the money stored in your payroll account to pay for your bills or for your day-to-day expenses. With your BPI Check-free facility, you can pay your utility bills either through the ATM (Express Teller), over the phone (Express Phone), on the net (Express Online), and soon even on your mobile phone (Express Connect).

2. Establish a weekly budget and stick to it. Set yourself budget for the week; withdraw just a small amount to get you by for the entire week. Track down expenses by keeping a small notebook where you can log all your expenses for the week. You would be surprised at how even small purchases, like a cup of coffee, can add up quickly.

If you run out of cash to reload your Globe or Touch Mobile phones, you can always use BPIís Express Prepaid. Now thereís no need to buy prepaid phone cards, just reload your cellphones through BPIís ATMs found nationwide, thru the phone or thru online.

3. Shop wisely. Cashless transactions are not only a trend nowadays but it is also a practical approach to shopping. With crowded malls, it is advisable to avoid bringing too much cash. Through BPI Express Payment System, you can program all your purchases without the hassle of keeping money on hand or lining up to withdraw. Whatís more, your transaction is good as cash so no interests or surcharges will be charged to you.

Should you need to buy something unexpectedly, you can always use the BPI Express Payment System or EPS. Use your BPI Express Teller Card to easily pay for purchases at over 6,200 establishments nationwide.

4. Pay on time. Say goodbye to deadline dues. Through BPI Express Online, you can schedule your Check-Free Payment, Express Cash reloading, and funds transfer way ahead of time.

BPI Express Online allows you to make scheduled payments through One-Time or Recurring Schedules which may be set monthly or quarterly for a period of one year. All you have to do is enroll your Express Teller account in Express Online, by logging on to www.bpiexpressonline.com, to schedule your payments, reloading or funds transfers, and BPI Express Online will take care of the rest. Billing payments will be automatically debited from your BPI account. Now thatís more convenient and hassle-free payments for you!

5. Establish your financial goals. As early as now, set immediate, intermediate and even retirement goals for yourself. Dreaming of buying your own car or even owning your own pad in a few yearsí time? Review and update your goals annually. Consult in your nearest BPI to see what services you can avail of or just to see if your finances are in the right track.

6. Learn to invest. Now is a good time to invest in a life insurance or a pension plan if you want to have a secure future. The primary goal of life insurance is to replace family income in the event of a breadwinner's death, while a pension plan allows you to save money for your retirement. The only way to guarantee a comfortable retirement is to start saving for it now. The best way to do this is to get insurance or pension advice from a qualified independent financial adviser. Itís good to remember that you can now pay your insurance or pension plans through the BPI Express Teller, Express Phone, and Express Online without the hassle of going to their offices and lining up or of contacting your agents for your payment. 

With BPI Express World, you can invest with BPI Bancassurance anytime you want. This is the marketing and distribution channel of BPI Insurance Companies like Ayala Life, Ayala Plans and BPI/MS which is composed of highly trained insurance professionals who will help you manage your present and future financial needs.

7. Be always in the know. Beware of scams and rip-offs. Stay financially current by reading the business news of newspapers and magazines. Youíll be able to learn about market trends and about banksí new products and services that can help make your money grow, as well as give you all the banking convenience you need to help you perform better in the working world.

BPI Express Online is the best place to start since it uses multi-level internet security systems which ensure maximum protection for your financial transactions. All you need to access your account is a User ID and a Password which is uniquely defined by you. All communication between your computer and Express Online uses a 128-bit encryption and a high-level protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Moreover, its website is not only certified by Verisign, the leading Security Certificate Provider but it is also firewall-protected to guarantee that only authorized users can access the site.

Young professionals can have the corporate edge with BPI Express World. They can manage their careers and enjoy themselves knowing that they can pay, shop, and make business transactions with ease, anytime and anywhere.

Be in control and enjoy a world of convenience through the BPI Express World. For inquiries call 89-100 and press 0 to talk to a phone banker or log on to www.bpiexpressonline.com for more details.

Source: Stratworks, Inc. Press Release

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