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"3 BLIND DATES": Reality dating, Pinoy style on ABC5

Fashioned after the hit reality dating show Blind Date, 3 BLIND DATES is the first reality dating show in the country that will air every Tuesday night on ABC 5 starting September 7 at 7 p.m. The show puts a Filipino spin on the documentary-style show by having one date selected by family members, one chosen by friends, and one hand picked by www.itzamatch.com users. Talk about different strokes for different folks.

JM Rodriguez is the show's hosts 3 Blind Dates. He presently hosts On Air also on Channel 5 and is a VJ on UHF Channel 23. JM is a well-known showbiz personality with shows on Studio 23, ABC 5 and is also a MYMYX VJ. He is young, energetic, with the right attitude and charisma for 3 Blind Dates.

Each episode of "3 Blind Dates" is an all-out exposť of the intricacies of blind dating as our candidate goes on three real-life blind dates. At the end of the show, the candidate will choose which of the dates she/he would choose to go on a second date with; at which time the show will also reveal whether or not the date would also be willing to go on a follow-up date with the candidate.

Unobtrusive fly-on-the wall shooting will show a candid look at each date, while quick editing will show the highlights of the dates, the good, and the bad, and the ugly. Comical, and at times biting, graphic inserts and thought bubbles will include factoids about the participants and funny commentary on the date's happenings that are not completely apparent.

Interviews with the family members, friends, and contestants will be used to introduce the dates, and close the segments with their reaction on the dates.

The three dates will vary for each show, each picked to bring out the best or the worst in each dating situation. Locations, activities, and interactive gimmicks are designed to make each show jam packed with new and exciting dating perspectives. And host spiels act as narration for the dating frenzy.

The show will be broken down to five segments: An introductory segment where the host will introduce the show mechanics and the first blind date, the second segment will show blind date no. 1, the third segment will show blind date no. 2, the fourth segment will show blind date no. 3, and the final fifth segment will wrap up the show, recap on the dates and will look into which blind date will evolve into a second date.

This sensational and comical look at the strange and all-too-real world of blind dating is sure to be a hit especially to singles and couples between the ages of 18 years-old and 35 years-old. So catch "3 Blind Dates" on ABC-5.

Source: Moist Communicates

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