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Bond with Your Man

Men in Love speak on pampering and being pampered

Even with Valentine’s Day over and done with, the romance doesn’t have to end there. After all, romance is the magic that keeps the relationship alive and happy and it always pays to pass some extra TLC to your mate. When you’re truly in love with someone, you show it by taking care of him or her. In this ridiculously stressful, fast-paced world, pampering is the best way to show that you care a lot about your partner’s needs.

By tradition, men are expected to do the chasing, the courting, the wooing, and do almost anything they can for their women. But surprisingly, with all their macho tendencies and gym-rat inclinations, men do have a sensitive side and they secretly love to be pampered as much as their women. This is the reason why Watsons Personal Care Store launched the “Men in Love” (MIL) campaign this February. Not only will your man feel important after being pampered, it also ignites romance in your relationship and gives you quality bonding time with your guy.

The hunky MIL endorsers, Mickey de Leon, Brent Javier and Mikee Carrion speak out their views on pampering: how they pamper their partners, women who pamper their men and being pampered themselves.

Mickey de Leon, the most Pinoy-looking among the three endorsers says, “Men are naturally more aggressive and domineering but they also have a soft and sweet side. Pampering them will make them realize how much you treasure them and how much you care.”

His trademark TLC move is by giving big surprises. Mickey is a very unpredictable person so his trademark is something that magnifies his personality like giving a girl a bed of roses, filling her school bag with her favorite chocolates, and a surprise visit - appearing on her doorstep with her favorite food for midnight snack. “I show that I really care by being extra sweet, sincere and selfless...giving everything to my special someone, making sure that she is more than satisfied and blissful.”

On being pampered… Mickey, a 21-year-old senior LIA-COM Political Science and Business Management student strongly believes that if you really love someone, you should once in awhile pamper him. He thinks it is the best way to show that you really care because when you pamper him, you express your feelings and make him feel important. He remembers when he was so stressed from a heavy workload for school - “My lady pampered me by preparing the tub with a warm green tea bubble bath and gave me a light head massage using coconut conditioner. After the nice bath she massaged me using an anti-stress aromatherapy talcum powder. I would never forget that.”

A 23-year old chinito gadget geek and basketball fanatic, Brent Javier thinks that pampering is important because, “If it is for someone you love, the usual actions or gestures of pampering are something that one wants to do because you care so much for them and want them to feel special from everyone else in your life.”

Brent loves to pamper his loved ones, and he shows tender loving care by being the nurturer and going full-out with his partner. “….like from breakfast in bed to taking care of them completely when they're sick, also the usual picking up the bills for dinner and spoiling them with presents and presents and presents,” says Brent.

He also thinks that men deserve pampering. “Yeah sure why not! As much as their metrosexual side will allow them.” For him, women who pamper their men “rock”. Brent continues, “everyone likes to feel special, loved and good about themselves”.

The best pampering he ever got from his significant other was when he was sick and had a sprained ankle in the dead of winter back in Canada. “I got completely pampered from head to toe, or should I say ankle? Anyway, I felt loved and appreciated that someone would rub menthol on my back, bandage my wounds, take my temperature and cook.”

Miguel Angel Carrion, the 26-year old Spanish-Italian Filipino in the gorgeous MIL trio believes that it is important to pamper your partner. “Yes, I think if you really love your man then show it!” said Mikee. “If you really love your partner then show it everyday!” he adds.

Mikee’s memorable pampering moment was when he came home really tired from his football practice. “My feet were killing me, Bianca, my G.F., gave me a fantastic foot spa with one of the great products from Watsons after a nice relaxing massage!”

He believes that men also deserve pampering and thinks that women who pamper their men are great. “Yes we do [need pampering]! Just right, not too much, not too little. I think it’s great, everybody should be [pampered] by the one they love.”

This month whole month of February, Watsons MIL campaign encourages you to continue to pamper your man. The personal care store gives a lot of ideas on how you can give your man special treatment. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion like Valentine’s or Christmas to show your affection; after all, love can be felt in the simplest things you do for your partner. But by pampering your man, by giving extra effort and TLC in trying to make your guy look good, feel great and have fun, you strengthen your bond as a couple. There’s no better way of saying I love you than by showing you truly care.


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