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Calvin Klein Watches - Swiss Made

Pure, minimal, sexy, contemporary - They're more than just slogans. They are the expression of a lifestyle, and of the world according to Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Watches - Swiss MadeOn February 14, 1997 Nicolas G. Hayek, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Swatch Group, the world's largest watch manufacturer, signed a joint venture agreement with U.S. designer Calvin Klein. cK Watch Co. Ltd, headquarter in Biel, Switzerland was born.

It was a meeting point for two worlds, fashion and timepieces, resulting in a common passion.

Successfully managed by Mrs. Arlette E. Emch, cK Watch Co. Ltd launched its first collection in Fall 1997, consisting of the prestigious Calvin Klein line, as well as the youthful ck line.

Numerous collections have been launched every year since then.

These watches focus on the essential, displaying a passion for details. They enjoy all the advantages of the Swiss Made label, and come equipped with ETA movements.

ck Calvin Klein watches are appealing for their unique, streamlined design and exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

The ck lines come in several sizes, colors and materials, reflecting a modern lifestyle that combines vitality, youthfulness and daring.

They feature modern graphic design in combination with uncompromising technical quality, ensured by the Swiss Made label.

The breathtakingly sexy and new cK watch collection features six exciting lines:

  1. cK Endless
  2. cK Clasp
  3. cK Dress XL
  4. cK Classic
  5. cK Bold Metal
  6. cK Bold Square

Source: The Swatch Group (Hong Kong) Limited - cK Division

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