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Guide to Getting Car Insurance in the Philippines

by Joel Mangilit, Philippine Licensed Insurance Agent

If you are looking to get car insurance in the Philippines, it is important to get the right amount of coverage from the right Philippine insurance company.

First, what is the right coverage? A lot of people usually get car insurance to protect their car from theft or damage. But what is more important is to get third party liability coverage. And get as much as possible.

For example, a slow 10kph car hitting a pedestrian may result in hospital bills of P100,000 and more. To financial protect yourself, try to get at least a P100,000 coverage for third party bodily injury and another P100,000 cover for third party property damage.

And actually, increasing these coverage to P500,000 or P1M will not increase your premium significantly, so try to get as much third party (both bodily and property) as you can afford.

Second, it is really important to get your insurance from the right insurance company. What is the right insurance company? It is one that makes every effort to pay valid claims, and pay promptly.

Be very wary and careful of insurance companies that offer very low quotes. Sure you pay less initially, but when it comes to making insurance claims, how sure are you that you will even get paid? So check around, ask your friends and relatives about their own experience with their insurance company.

To summarize, get comprehensive car insurance coverage with a lot of third party liability cover. And do a little research to find out the reputation of the insurance company when it comes to servicing and paying valid claims.

Joel Mangilit is a licensed insurance agent representing Mapfre Asian Insurance Corporation. For more information about car insurance in the Philippines, visit his website at www.nonlifeinsurance.com.

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