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Cartier to hold exhibit at Shanghai Museum

World renowned luxury jeweler, Cartier, is set to hold an inspiring jewelry exhibit at the fabulous Shanghai Museum in China this year.

For Cartier, the invitation to exhibit at the Shanghai Museum represents an ideal occasion to celebrate the increasingly close ties of cooperation and friendship that link the jeweler to China -- a country whose myths and traditions have long been an inspiration for jewelry design.

The Shanghai Museum can truly be described as a temple dedicated to the works of art of ancient China. It boasts some 120,000 rare and precious pieces classified in 21 categories. Its impressive collection of paintings and calligraphy, ceramics, jades and magnificent ancient bronzes is famous throughout the world.

A number of key landmarks punctuate the history that unites Cartier and China. During the 1920s in particular, the extraordinary creatures and symbolic signs and colors of the "Middle Kingdom" inspired the creations of Louis Cartier, himself a connoisseur and collector of oriental antiquities. In October 1996, the Foundation Cartier pour l'art contemporain exhibited the Pot Dore by Jean-Pierre Raynaud within the walls of Beijing's Forbidden City. In 2003, Cartier's new jewelry collection, Le Baiser du Dragon, offers a contemporary interpretation of Chinese designs and traditions.

Although this is the first time that items from the Art of Cartier Collection have traveled to China, the novelty of the event also stems from the museum's wish to display contemporary works alongside historical pieces. The most beautiful contemporary articles in the exhibition are on loan from private collectors eager to support the Museum's idea of showcasing Cartier's present-day creativity. More than 300 pieces are assembled, from the origins of the House to the present days.

This exhibition at the Shanghai Museum represents not only a major event for Cartier, but also pays tribute to China, offers a spotlight on contemporary jewelry design and stands as testimony to the strong bonds of trust linking the jeweler to its most loyal customers. It is intended to offer a wide audience, from both China and abroad, the opportunity and the pleasure of discovering the history of jewelry design through a unique display of Cartier's creativity.

In the Philippines, Cartier is exclusively available in Rustan's Department Store.

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