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Choose What You Watch with Digital TV

How advanced TV can get? Well, viewers can now decide what they want to watch and how they’re going to watch it.

If you are watching an adult program and your kid suddenly arrives, you don’t need to switch channels. You can just select from multi-casting options—choice of programming all from the same broadcaster—the program that you want your child to view. You can go educational, choose cartoons or pick out wildlife documentaries, depending on the offer of the broadcast station. You can replay the show as well and even print out a picture of the characters of the show for your kid. Furthermore, you can choose your own camera angle and even be the director of the program!

Such is the power of choice and interactivity offered by digital television. Aside from customizing the viewer’s experience, digital TV also offers viewers amazing picture and better sound quality. The crisper and sharper image is brought about by the increase in number of pixels on the screen. Better sound is provided by Dolby Digital CD-quality surround-sound that makes the viewing seems like a cinematic experience.

Interactive TV will take some time to reach the Philippines as the country has yet to adopt digital TV, the enabler of interactivity. There is therefore no better time than now for the Philippines to change from analog to digital as millions of Asia television subscribers are switching to digital services.

More of the features of digital and interactive TV will be highlighted as BroadcastAsia2005 returns to Singapore on June 14-17. As the marketplace for electronic media in Asia, BroadcastAsia is expecting over 11,000 technology professionals from 44 countries worldwide.

Exhibits of over 800 companies will highlight high-definition TV (HDTV), digital TV, mobile broadcasting, digital video broadcasting, digital cinema, computer graphics & animation, set-top box and other latest electronic media.

Alongside the exhibits are BroadcastAsia International Conferences about examining production, measurement in the digital era, opportunities in a mobile world, content delivery, broadcaster business issues, Asian D-cinema summit, broadcast spectrum usage, interactive TV and media asset management.

CommunicAsia2005 will also be held simultaneously with BroadcastAsia. Plenary sessions with the CEOs of the ICT industry, called “CEO Perspectives,” will answer the issues haunting the industry. Panel discussions include “Let’s Be Content with Content,” “3G Bull (or Bear?)” and “VoIP Potential.”

The events are organized by Singapore Exhibition Services, a pioneer in the fast growing and vibrant exhibition industry and Asia’s top organizer of trade events. For more information, log-on to http://www.broadcast-asia.com and http://www.communicasia.com.



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