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Credit 101 at Your Fingertips

Citibank unveils new website that guides everyone
on using credit wisely

Today's modern living has made credit such an integral part of practically every person's life. Credit has become such a powerful and necessary tool for daily living that we use it for virtually everything, from shopping to settling bills, when dining out, for emergencies and even for paying school tuition.

Citibank Credit

And because it is a powerful tool, care must be taken to ensure that credit, particularly credit cards, is used responsibly. Fully aware of this, Citibank, the industry innovator in card products and services, recently launched the Use Credit Wisely website.

The launch of the website marks a new milestone in Citibank's ongoing consumer education campaign as it offers a comprehensive reference guide on credit management. The website is user-friendly, with pages and topics on credit that are conveniently laid out for easy access. The website also uses language that's easy for everyone to understand, from housewives to young professionals, which makes browsing the website a more encouraging, informative and enjoyable activity.

The launch was well attended by members of the media as well as Citibank executives led by the bank's Country Business Manager for Global Consumer Group Nina Aguas, Marketing Director Cecille Fonacier and Cards Business Director Michellina Triwardhany.

Aguas intimated that she knows how important it is for cardholders to properly manage credit. "When Citibank entered the local credit card market in the early 90s, we knew that it was not enough to make the credit card accessible to many Filipinos. We also had the responsibility to educate the consumer on how to use this tool, and to use it wisely," says Aguas.

Aguas pointed out that the launch of the Use Credit Wisely website is an accomplishment that Citibank Philippines takes pride in as the bank will be able to share valuable financial information not only to Filipino consumers but to other Asians as well.

"The Use Credit Wisely website offers users a wealth of information on credit-from understanding this most powerful tool, to gaining financial control through responsible spending, to handling hard times, to preventing fraud and theft," adds Aguas.

Among the featured pages in the website include Know the Rules, which gives users information on all things about credit and how credit cards work. In the Spend Responsibly page, one can find details on gaining financial control and handling hard times such as living with a disability or how to cope following a marriage breakdown. In the Be Protected page, users are treated to information on fraud prevention, identity theft and knowing their legal rights. While the More on Credit section alerts users on the latest credit information.

There was also a video clip featuring credit card users, including designer Kate Torralba and model Robby Mananquil. Both spoke of how they are enjoying the benefits of having a credit card and how they benefit tremendously by using it wisely.

In this time when credit cards become increasingly accessible to more Filipinos, it would certainly do well for everyone, especially those who are new to credit, to check out Citibank's Use Credit Wisely website. Log on to www.citibank.com.ph and select the Use Credit Wisely button ad. It is loaded with priceless information to really get one started, and on track, towards financial well-being.

Source: Edd Fuentes Publicity

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