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Budding Designers Re-invent the Museum

Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Modern
Art in New York City draws an average of 5 million
visitors every year, while our local museums draw far
less people compared to the city’s malls and
entertainment centers which are a beehive of activity
even on a workday? How come only foreign visitors and
students take time out to visit our museums?

MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. The Museum of Modern Art
designed by Carina Sison and Yanny Yu will showcase
the different forms of visual art like paintings,
sculptures, sketches, illustrated books, photography,
architecture, including fashion and furniture design.
The use of bold colors like black and white create a
very striking, minimalist look. 

Faced with the dilemma of dwindling patronage and
support, our museums need to cultivate a warmer and
more cordial image that appeals to more people, away
from the cold, formal and stuffy confines that people
have come to associate them with. Sensitive to the
people’s perceptions, the Philippine School of
Interior Design (PSID) has directed the Advanced Class
of 2004 to re-design and refurbish the floor plans of
existing local museums according to a specific theme
as part of its Specialized Interiors program. 

Designing and building a house is difficult enough,
considering the enormous amount of details that go
into such a major undertaking. Designing a museum?
It’s an even more daunting task because it showcases
the patrimony and legacies from the past; and must be
able to tell the story thematically, tracing and
narrating history all at the same time.

Taking up the challenge, the Advanced Class 2004
submitted more than 20 concepts covering a wide
spectrum of design inspirations. Among those that
stood out were the designs for a Museum of Music, a
Museum of Modern Art, the Global Museum of Fine Arts,
a Museum of National Culture, and the Museum of

Students Leny-Lyne Ang and Lea Lee created the Museum
of Music that trace the evolution of music from the
pre-Hispanic period up to the present time. With four
galleries depicting the main eras in Philippine music
history namely: “Oyayi,” “Cenakulo,” “Bodabil,” and
“Himig;” they have created a museum that shows people
how music affects them, and vice versa.

Far from being a mere assemblage of acclaimed
masterpieces, the Museum of Modern Art designed by
Carina Sison and Yanny Yu, aims to make art more
accessible to people from all walks of life. It is
committed to establishing, preserving and documenting
a collection of contemporary art by both local and
international artist which will be housed in seven
galleries, five of which are dedicated to the
permanent exhibits.

On the other hand, The Global Museum of Fine Arts,
designed by Rosselle Yabut and Hazel Vizcarra, will
have an interactive area where people can sketch after
viewing the collection of paintings, sculptures and
pottery from all over the world. The exhibit floor
will be divided into different continents, which will
be further divided into the different countries that
comprise a specific continent.

The group of Jenneth Sy, David Yu and Eunice Ong
envisioned the Museum of National Culture, with its
three main galleries, to be a place where the
Filipinos can better understand the diverse beliefs
and traditions that has shaped their national
identity. The design inspiration is a fusion of both
modern and indigenous Philippine materials.

Lastly, the Museum of Ethnology will feature the
various ethnic groups that make up the Philippines’
rich and diverse culture. The group of Anna Blanco,
Monica Cordero, and Andrew Galano divided the exhibits
into several categories: fabrics, basketry, traps and
woven cases, accessories, religious items and
furniture. The museum will also feature weaponry and
armory, musical instruments and cookware.

The museum plays a very crucial role in molding our
understanding of ourselves as a people and the world
we live in. Amid the onslaught of modernization, there
is a need to look back at our humble beginnings to see
how far we have come but also to open our eyes to the
immense task that lies ahead.

True to its pioneering vision of strengthening the
growth and development of interior design in the
country, the Philippine School of Interior Design is
offering a subject in the specialized field of Museum
Design. PSID feels a great responsibility in making
the journey of discovery equally meaningful, inspiring
and entertaining, thereby encouraging the Filipinos to
develop a deeper understanding and greater
appreciation of their own unique culture.

Source: Geiser Maclang

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