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Diamond Scams

How to avoid diamond scams is a collection of tips to help you buy the right diamonds at the right price. Be aware of laser drilling, total carat weight, the blue white diamond, bright lights, fractional weight and 50% off diamond sales.

Laser Drilling

Not a scam, but be aware of laser drilling. This is a process wherein diamond dealers use lasers to drill small holes into a diamond in order to remove black inclusions. This would result in a diamond that looks better than it's real clarity grade.

Ask your store or dealer if a diamond has been laser drilled. If so, not that it may appear more beautiful than its real market value.

Only the Carat Total Weight is Shown

10 small stones with a total weight of 1 carat is usually cheaper than a single stone weighing 1 carat. So in a jewelry set, ask for the weight of the center stone. Those of good value will usually have a center stone of at least .25 carats.

Ask your jeweler for the weight of the center stone. It would be hard to make an informed decision if you cannot get this information.

Blue White Diamond

Be careful when a dealer tells you that a blue white diamond is of better quality when in fact the opposite may be true. Strong blue fluorescence may make a colorless diamond look oily in sunlight. This is not a good thing, and will decrease the value of a diamond.

On the other hand, diamonds with faint yellow color will look whiter given a small amount of fluorescence. In any case, avoid jewelers who sell diamonds using the "blue white" phrase.

Diamonds Look Better in Bright Light

Lighting can make a diamond look better than its actual value. For example, blue light can make yellow stones look whiter. Therefore try to look at diamonds under normal light or sunlight.

Fractional Weight

Jewelers are allowed by the FTC to round off the weight of a diamond. For example, a 1 carat diamond may actually weigh only .97 carat. Always ask for the exact weight of a diamond.

50% Off Diamonds

Be careful of 50% off diamonds, clearance and going out of business sales. There are stores that will take a $300 diamond, mark it up to $1000, and offer it on "sale" for only $500. Yet if you shop from an honest dealer you can get the same diamond for around $400.

Buy Diamonds Online

This section features companies that sell diamonds online.


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