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Diego Castillo Rocks With The Expressworld

Like most young professionals, Diego Castillo works hard and plays hard. On a typical day, you'd find him always on the go, busily juggling the important things in his life: career, family, love, and his music.

It's a good thing Diego has found the modern-day conveniences of the BPI Expressworld. It offers convenient customer banking services through the ATM, phone, internet, and mobile communication. The BPI Expressworld is one service that wunderkind Diego considers as one of modern day life's essentials.

He leads a busy, musical life. As a media executive at Progressive Broadcasting's untv, he constantly searches for cool new music videos to showcase on TV. But his main gig is playing the guitar for the popular alternative band, Sandwich, composed of long-time friends who share a passion for underground and experimental music. The group is behind the current hit 2 Trick Pony.

"We originally came from different bands before Sandwich. On our first year as a band, we won the Album of the Year at the NU Rock Awards (1999). So far, we've already done three albums together and we're looking forward to doing more", Diego narrates.

Aside from working on their latest album- Thanks to Moon's Gravitational Pull- the band has also formed their own music label, Play 4 Serve where they also get to produce for other artists and help launch new ones. "It's just great how my friends, girlfriend, and job are all intertwined through the music scene", he grins.

From sound to images, Diego's creative streak also extends to TV directing, video editing, and musical scoring. Not many people know that this talented gent also did the music for the film Keka, and even shot Sandwich's the video for their latest hit 2 Trick Pony, which he had fun doing.

With his crazy schedule, Diego is grateful for the BPI Expressworld that enables him to do his banking transactions at his own convenience.

A BPI user since his high school days, Diego admits that BPI's Expressworld has revolutionized banking, especially for the younger generation. "Speaking from experience, the Expressworld serves my personal needs and it saves me precious time. "Time is very important to me, as I'm always on the go. That's why I always use the Expressworld services like the Electronic Payment System (EPS) for my many purchases like for gas, CDs and DVDs; and the Express Online (EOL) to pay my bills; and the Express Phone (EP) to keep track of my account balance", he adds.

Diego says that if many people become more aware of how the BPI Expressworld can help make their lives more convenient, they would really relish it. "I think that once you've decided to go live the Expressworld, it would be hard to live without it", he grins.

That's Diego Castillo. He maybe the next Cameron Crowe, or the future Bob Dylan, but for now he's happy and content, living it up in the Expressworld.

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