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Drying Up the Myths on Moisturizers

The ‘ber’ months will soon kick into high gear and it
is not surprising to find more individuals faced with
dry and blotchy skin. Busy lifestyles and a variable
climate mean that our face, hands and feet are
constantly under stress, resulting in increasingly dry
and rough skin that needs care and protection.

Most moisturizing products help the skin in some ways
but harm it in other aspects. Some products may
paradoxically cause the skin to dry prematurely. The
basic ingredients of every lotion and cream in the
market are oil and water. To bind water and oil
requires the use of emulsifiers, and that is where the
problem starts. Emulsifiers, when applied onto the
skin, accumulate and dissolve the skin’s own natural
oils, causing them to wash out prematurely. The
result: skin that is increasingly dry and sensitive.

Unsightly dry skin isn’t the only problem when the
skin’s natural protective barrier is disrupted. When
it does happen, environmental influences, like
pollutants, penetrate the body more easily. There is
greater vulnerability to microorganisms. Skin becomes
more prone to rashes, discolorations, cysts, burns,
injuries, infections, and other disorders.

Even though the outermost skin is made of dead cells,
we have to take care of it because it protects the
deeper skin layers, where new cells are born. Hot or
cold air, low humidity, frequent contacts with water
or cleansing solutions ruin the protective layer, and
skin loses its natural ability to hold moisture. When
water level in the skin drops by 10 percent, the skin
becomes dry, itchy and flaky. Depending on the pH
value, the content of surface-active agents or
emulsifiers -- the products for bathing, shower and
cleansing applications -- have a degreasing effect on
the skin. As a consequence, the transepidermal water
loss (TEWL) increases and the skin dehydrates. Skin
care specialists therefore recommend applying a
well-spreading and fat-containing skin care cream or
body lotion after the bath which also should include
moisturizing substances.

Indeed, increasing moisture content and smoothening
the skin are essential, but preserving and improving
the skin’s barrier function must also be given
priority in the care of dry skin.

These requirements are met by a new cream now in the
marketplace with the patented derma-membrane structure
, that repairs as it moisturizes the skin. This
innovative and modern skin care concept has been given
the thumbs up by noted foreign pharmaceutical experts.
DMS-cream has a lamellar structure, similar to the
natural lipid barrier structure of skin. The
production of this lamellar structure is based on a
special high-tech production procedure, employing
high-grade and cost-intensive ingredients. DMS
products are free of emulsifiers.

A lamellar-type cream like Physiogel™ by Stiefel
Laboratories delivers into the deeper layers of the
epidermis the natural lipids and ceramides (which are
developed from skin lipids and skin ceramides) without
disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. Ceramides and
Sphingolipids ( a type of lipid) are the elements that
hold skin cells together so that the environment
cannot get in and the moisture cannot get out. Lipids
are naturally diminished with age, and the moisture
barrier is weakened. Research shows that applying
ceramides topically has the effect of generating
ceramide production in the skin, thereby increasing
the lipid content and reinforcing the protective

Physiogel Cream™, whose active ingredient is the DMS
concentrate, is the first product of its kind in the
Philippine marketplace. It mimics the natural lipid
barrier function of the skin, locking in moisture,
decreasing skin roughness and imparting a
smoother-looking shine to the surface of the skin.

Physiogel Cream™ serves as an all-in-one product
that’s free from preservatives, coloring agents,
silicone, and perfumes, well supporting the adage,
“Less is More.” The DMS-containing cream is highly
suited not only for those with dry and sensitive skin,
but for sufferers of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Young skin to aging skin can also gain benefits from
regular use of the hypoallergenic Physiogel™ Cream,
available at Mercury Drug and other leading retail
outlets in the country. For further information, log
on to www.physiogel.com. For product inquiries, call
(provincial) and 637-7346 (Metro Manila), Tuesdays and
Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 am. Or e-mail
barcilla@stiefel.com or ireyes@stiefel.com.

Source: Geiser Maclang Communications

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