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Make Your Summer Escape Come True

This season is the perfect time to get out of your shell and bask in the sun with your family. After the daily grind in the city, why not let your hair down for once and escape from the summer heat of the metropolis?

For sure, a dose of change would be healthy for your lifestyle. Summer may allow you to enjoy new places or new experiences. Read on and get a step closer to your dream summer escapade --

Pick a place - A popular choice is hitting the beach or exploring the great outdoors. There are different tourist destinations in the country and it pays to discover a new spot. If you have the hang of Puerto Galera, Boracay or Cebu, why not invade the white-sand beaches of Batanes or Coron Island?

Want something outrageous? Why not give spelunking (cave exploration) or mountain trekking a try? The mountains of Laguna or Arayat are ideal for starters.

Push other 'buttons' - Summer is not just about going places, literally. You can take advantage of the season to harness your talents or learn new skills. Several workshops are offered around, most of them are scheduled on weekends, if not on weekdays after office. You may enroll yourself in crash courses that could work to your advantage in the future. Whether it's about soap-making, scuba diving, playing the flute, or speaking French, you would surely enjoy those skills, and not to mention, new friends!

Project your expenses - If you opt for the first option, consider the length of your stay, means of transportation, your itinerary and the number of persons that you could tag along. Consult a travel agent or ask your friends who visited the place before.

For skills enrichment classes, costs may vary on the class/workshop. Most venues offer package price while others require you to prepare separate budget for the trainer and the equipment.

If your financial vault is dwindling or if you don't have enough extra cash for that much-awaited respite, don't worry. Securing a loan once in a while wouldn't hurt. You may count on East West Bank's Salary Loan Plus to provide you with an important credit access for emergency purposes and for other expenses that require a substantial amount of money. You can loan as much as three (3) times your gross monthly income. And the good news is, the program is offered with no collateral requirement. You can pay for a minimum of 6 months to 36 months.

Now, what's keeping you from packing up and setting off to a truly memorable summer break? Go ahead, just make sure you bring home good memories after the trip.



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