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Eaux de Voyage Travel Scents

When seasoned globetrotters and entrepreneurs William Millet (formerly from Chanel) and Rouquayrol de Boisse (formerly from Givenchy), took over the brand Comptoir Sud Pacifique in 2002, they were seduced by the concept of this company based on evasion, exoticism, sunshine and year-round holidays. Their ambition is to give Comptoir Sud Pacifique a new impetus in France and abroad, based on this unique concept, "the quintessences of travel," as conceived by a team of professional perfurmers and designers.

Thus was born a new perfurme line called Eaux de Voyage, which literally lets you escape into the the sunny waters of the Pacific, into the exotic orchards of Morabella in Peru and to various places around the globe.

Packaged in a new two-toned shiny, brushed aluminum cans,Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eaux de Voyage boasts of 24 references group in six families: Exotic Orchard, a mixture of savory and sweet, features the Morabella, a delicious marriage of fruit bursting with juice and tropical flowers on a background of sandalwood and musk. Its top notes are promegranate, bergamot and lemon.

Tropical Gardens, an armful of delicate flowers with warm undertones, consists of Aloha Tiare, a fragrance depicting the exotic sensuality of tropical vegetation with top note made of frangipani leaf, and Coeur de Vahine, a sparkling and joyful frangrance of Polynesian charm made of bergamot, orange, peach and passion fruit.

Spice Route, a voluptuous fragrance features Amour de Cacao, a torrid duo of intence cacao and lascivious vanilla, enlivened by a zest of bitter orange.

Vanilla Island consists of Vanille Passion, unveiling all the sensuality and warmth of vanilla, and the Vanilla Abricot, a lush, velvety harmony of jackfruit, apricot papaya as top notes and vanilla sugar candy as base note.

Equatorial Forest features the woodsy Bois de Filao, an intense mixture of exotic woods patchouly, filao wood, amber and white musk in harmony with baie rose and violette.
Sunny Waters features the Aqua Motu, vivifying the ocean flavors of sand and sea, and the citrus-y O Pomelo.

These line of modern perfumes is perfect for each and every type of personality,according to Jenny Teves of Rustan's. To find out which fragrance suits you best, try this simple perfume quiz:

1.Which personality best describes you?
(a) friendly (b) introverted (c)excitable
2.What kind of clothes do you prefer?
(a) jeans and tees (b) suits (c)sexy outfits
3.What color do you like?
(a) pink (b) blue (c)red
4.Given a choice, where would you like to take a vacation?
(a) a beach in Honolulu (b) a log cabin in Colorado (c) a shopping trip to New York
5.Which animal do you prefer as a pet?
(a)dog (b) bird (c)cat
6.What kind of car do you prefer?
(a) a convetible(Porsche) (b) An SUV(Land Cruiser) (c)a luxury car (Jaguar)
7.What type of shoes do you normally wear?
(a)sneakers (b)pumps (c)stilletos
8.When you're introduced to a cute guy, do you...
(a)strike up a conversation (b)say hello and leave (c)ask for his phone number

If you're answer consists of mostly A's, you have a lively and sparkling personality and fruity scents suit you best (Aloha Tiare, Coeur de Vahine and Morabella); most B's, you are down to earth and introverted, woodsy fragrances such as Bois de Filao and Amour de Cacao best suit you; mostly C's, you have sophisticated taste and a sultry personality matched by the scent of Vanille Passion,Vanilla Abricot and the heady fragrance of Aqua Motu and O Pomelo.


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