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Fiber To Keep You In Line

How could women achieve—and maintain—their curvaceous line that they
have worked for hours in the gym? Simple. Fiber.

Many people know about the need to have fiber in the diet. But, only a
few understand its importance to our health, and fewer know the best
sources of this healthy substance.

Experts say that fiber contributes to a “full” feeling, thus, preventing
obesity caused by eating binges. Fiber provides more bulk in the food we
keep in our stomach, and regulates digestion and absorption so that the
sugar in food enters the bloodstream more slowly, maintaining an even
blood sugar level. Fiber also nourishes the colon lining through
fermentation. This produces simple organic acids that provide the fuel
for the rest of our organs like the liver, while improving our

There are several sources of fiber. Food such as all-natural,
multi-grain cereals, whole-grain (wheat) breads, beans, fruits,
vegetables, and nuts, are all good sources. A good diet containing 25 to
30 grams of fiber a day is believed to help prevent heart disease,
cancer, diabetes, diverticular disease (a disease that develops in the
colon walls), and gall bladder and kidney stones.

Many health and nutrition experts say that a fiber-rich diet is not just
about losing weight; it’s about maintaining a tight, curvaceous and
healthy figure. If taken at sufficient quantities, fiber can sometimes
decelerate the onset of hunger pangs. Studies have also shown that a
high-fiber diet has no adverse reactions, toxicity, or dangerous side

According to YourMedicalSource.com, here are some tips on how to control
(manage) your weight with fiber:

* Always try to take fiber in the natural form. For example,
instead of sprinkling bran over your food, choose foods naturally high
in fiber.
* Avoid foods that have been made easier to eat and digest by
removal of fiber, especially sugars (including fruit juices).
* Choose foods that satisfy hunger without providing many
calories, mainly vegetables and most fruits, which are rich in fiber.

In today’s busy world, finding easy-to-prepare, nutritious and
fiber-rich food is a challenge. Nestlé’s “Fitness” breakfast cereal is
the perfect choice. Nestlé Fitness cereals with low fat milk is a great
way to start a healthy day because it is made from the goodness of whole
wheat and rice, that’s why it’s low in fat. Nestlé Fitness also contains
10 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron, to keep
our bones and teeth really strong.

Nestlé Fitness is for women who want to balance their nutritional needs
and at the same time keep a slender, slim-and-trim, and yes, a healthy
figure. After all, crunchy Nestlé Fitness cereals help women keep their
figure—and their health and well-being—in line.

Source: EON, Inc.

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