Fit for Summer Fat Burning and Weight Loss Program

It's that time of the year again when people head for the beach, some to as far as Boracay or in my case, a short 30-minute drive to Island Cove, Cavite.

It's also that time of the year when one is required to look trim and tan, no matter what. Women start obsessing over their figures as they make a beeline for the latest swimwear fashion.

Sweat or no sweat? As early as the second week of February, gyms and slimming salons have taken half and full page ads to advertise their summer slimming promos. Some promise weight loss without exercise, hunger pains, diet pills or surgery while others offer packages that include one-month gym memberships along with facial and skin care programs.

Slimmer's World is offering it's ultimate core fat burning programme for men and women which they call body metrics along with free dance aerobics for only P45 a day. Marie France, on the other hand, is offering a tummy flattening program that promises to lose inches off your waist in two weeks' time along with free electro-lypolysis for early enrollees. Even the Belo Medical Group recently came up with a story on Smartlipo that uses a laser system to liquefy fat, which are then suctioned off. Results can be seen in six weeks.

This writer recently went into DPA mode and went to free consultations from Slimmers World and Marie France.

Slimmers World

"Lose weight for only P45 a day," says the ad. Our curiosity led us to Slimmers Adriatico (tel. No. 525-9892 or 521-3262) located at the 6th floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel. Gym membership costs P3,500 a month but if you also want to include a facial care program they give it free.

For P9,900, says face and skin consultant Nanette Matibag, you get one month free gym use along with four regular facials, four ultrapeels, four nutra cell facials, one glycolic peel and two whitening body scrubs. Plus, you get one free treatment if you bring a friend along. They also give one free treatment for your birthday.

Marie France Bodyline International

Their signature treatment is called the Fat Mobilization Treatment or FMS, which uses cold body wraps to accelerate the body's natural biochemical process and enzyme activity. The FMS, which was developed in Switzerland, promotes real fat elimination and is recommended for general weight loss. Each treatment costs P1,950.

There are other weight loss treatments that are also offered like the Physique Inch-Loss Treatment, a computer controlled electro-energy to firm up sagging areas in your figure after a series of FMS treatments. This treatment, according to Marie France consultant Evelyn Meriales, is a 15-minute session that is equivalent to 225 sit ups.

Prior to the treatment you will have to give them your health history and a run down of your daily routine and food intake. Then you hit the scales and every flab in your body is measured so they can determine which treatments are appropriate to help you lose the excess pounds and extra inches of fat. They call this the Body Fat Analysis.

The weight loss program varies from person to person but the basic program they offer is a 3-month program that includes 25 sessions of FMS and 3 sessions of the Physique Inch-Loss Treatment for P37,500.

If you enroll at Marie France Makati (15th floor of GT Tower), you might want to drop by at the Facial Care Centre right across Marie France. According to FCC consultant Noreen Quinones, the basic facial care package includes five facial treatment with collagen and 10 lasertone treatments for P35,000 at 3 months zero interest. She included two sessions of wart removal worth P9,400 for free.


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