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Greaseless Bikini Summer

While a voluptuous body is eye-catching, it isn’t enough. Your skin should look naturally stunning, too.

So, you cleanse, exfoliate and then moisturize. And everything is all right. Then you apply sunblock to protect you from UV rays. However, it leaves your skin positively shiny yet you don’t mind. You think it’s just natural to have your body look like it’s freshly rolled out of a sea of oil because almost everyone on the beach looks that way. The truth is, it isn’t! When you appear gooey due to your sunblock, you’re not really attractive to other people.

Sunblock need not be greasy to be effective. It should make you naturally beautiful while still giving your skin, including the face, high-grade protection against sunlight.

While there are cosmetic sunblocks that promise dry and oil-free skin, they’re not really made for a day at the beach. Also, most of them can actually cause skin allergies. Go for the product that gives all-day protection. Also, as the skin gets damp, most sun block tends to wear off, leaving the skin unprotected.

What you should use for a naturally gorgeous skin this summer is a non-greasy sunblock that offers broad UV protection. Dermatologists worldwide recommend this combination even for everyday use.

A non-greasy physical sunblock that gives broad UV protection is what SpectraBAN® sunblock cream is. It shields the skin all day long against the UVA (those that cause early aging) and UVB (those that cause sunburn) rays. There is no oily or greasy feel, so you can look good now and still look good later. Feel SpectraBAN® as it vanishes into your skin right after application. You won’t even feel it’s there.

Recommended by dermatologists worldwide, SpectraBAN® can be applied to any type of skin, even children’s. It can also be applied on the face, unlike many sunblocks in the market. It’s an amazingly gentle and natural beauty regimen for you, even children can use it.

Manufactured by Stiefel Laboratories, the world’s leader in dermatology, SpectraBAN® is a safe and effective product. Stiefel Laboratories is recognized for the 150 years of legacy in dermatology, providing quality, effective prescription and over-the-counter skin care products. 

For product inquiries, call ACTION-AID HOTLINE at 1-800-10-STIEFEL (provincial) and 635-7346 (Metro Manila) Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:00-11:30 am or send e-mails to action-aid.ph@stiefel.com. SpectraBAN® is available at Mercury Drug and other leading retail outlets nationwide.



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