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Guinot Tres Homme: Skincare for Debonair Dads

If there were three things you know a dad wouldnít do, it would be admitting heís lost, letting his 13 year old daughter go on dates unchaperoned and using skin care products.

Since not much can be done about the first two, at least we know you can sway your dad (or your man) into thinking twice about the third one. Most men don't waste their money on skin products they think are unnecessary.

Unfortunately, while they think they can save on doing so, it probably means most men who use soap instead of a cleansing foam leave their skin dull, dry and more prone to wrinkles.

This fatherís day, start daddy (or your hubby) on a skincare regimen he will follow through. Guinot Instuitute Paris, the leading French skin care line introduces their Tres Homme line thatís low maintenance yet high on skin benefits. Care for the skin of the most important man in your life in three easy steps:

Men have 20% more oily skin and significantly larger pores than women. Basically, this means men need to take care of their skin. A good scrub will remove dead cells and smooth the surface of daddyís skin. A scrub for all skin types, Guinot Facial Exfoliating Gel smoothes the skin's surface and restores a healthy looking complexion. It contains Microspheres that eliminate impurities and imperfections, making shaving easier as well as leaving your skin refreshed and healthy.

2. Tone up after shaving

Shaving is one of the most typical start to a man's day and is the first area where they often make mistakes. Using blunt razors when shaving develops those annoying ingrown hairs. Most shaving creams contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, menthol and camphor that irritate the skin and cause it to swell. Whatís more, daily shaving is an aggravating factor that can dehydrate skin.

To soothe the aggressions of shaving, Guinotís Moisturizing and Soothing After-Shave Balm was developed. It contains active ingredients to soothe, moisturize and tighten the pores. It also maintains skinís elasticity and helps prevent the internal growth of facial hairs.

Men actually have thicker skin than women. This is why they don't wrinkle as quickly as women. Although it is true, men still need to moisturize their skin. It is very important to hydrate all areas of the skin especially the sensitive under eye area. This is one of the first places to show signs of aging and should not be looked over.

To nourish the sensitive under eye area an eye gel like Guinot Tres Homme Contour Yeux does the trick. It refreshes and dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Its advanced formula instantly hydrates, reduces the appearance of puffiness. This soothing cream glides on smoothly, without tugging or pulling.

Call it vanity but Guinotís Tres Homme line provides visible results especially suited for menís skin. Daddy will love its discreet, classic masculine fragrance. On dadís special day, treat him to a skin pampering regimen or bring him to a Guinot skincare salon for are relaxing skin treatment.

Guinot is the only anti-aging line and salon for all ages. Itís for women and men, too who want to arrest, prevent and reverse the signs of aging at any stageówhether they are 25 or 65! Guinot Tres Homme products are exclusively available in Guinot treatment centers located at G/F 6750 Retail Arcade, Makati with telephone number 819-3952 and 5F Wellness Zone EDSA Shangri-La Mall, telephone numbers 635-4538 and 635-0357.



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