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Franck Provost reveals haircut styles for the independent Filipina

The essence of a good stylist encompasses more than just technical skill. It involves an innate ability to communicate and to translate ideas into concrete creations. These creations are often guided by a keen sense of future trends as well as their applicability to the local market. At the new Franck Provost salon on Jupiter Street, some fresh faces talk about their forecasts…

Victor Manuel, Monette Bata-Garcia & Nestor Matibag are all in agreement that haircut styles and hair color techniques now cater to a more independent, career-oriented Filipina woman constantly on the go.

With a family to care for, a household to run and a job to maintain, the ideal cut should be textured, manageable, full of movement and easy to maintain. “Flexible styles include cuts that are layered regardless of the length of the hair,” declares Monette, “Texture and movement becomes the primary concern.”

With regards to form, Nestor suggests that the “Slicing technique” be used to emphasize and hold the shape and structure of the hair. Victor adds, “for volume and softness, many Filipinas still opt for loose, body-waves rather than tight, kinky curls. While long, straight hair is and continues to be always in fashion.”

When asked about color trends and techniques, once again, this triumvirate answered in unison. “The key to successful color is truly the ability of the selected color/s to complement both the skin tone as well as the personality of the client,” says Victor.

“Currently many women,” says Nestor, “do not need an extreme color to proclaim their independence from cultural norms unless they really prefer a particular hue. Their strength comes from within. They are confident about who they are and what they are capable of.”

For the typical Filipina, these Franck Provost stylists suggest hair cuts that are more layered, textured, manageable but also feminine. For the Filipina complexion, suggested color ranges from light brown to ash brown to reddish tones. The reason being that Manila water is more “harsh” than in other places, the “bluish” tint of ash shades will improve the lightness of color with daily washing. Color application is focused on highlighting rather than coloring the whole head. This allows the final effect to be more natural looking, more low maintenance and less harsh.

As Victor, Monette and Nestor attest, all these trends go towards emphasizing the Filipina’s sense of self. “She knows who she is, how to define her beauty and how to balance her life. So with regard to forecasts --- in any haircut, as well as with any color --- both the inner and out beauty of the Filipina should be apparent.”

Their creations are all featured at the Franck Provost salon, where beauty means more than just a pretty face. For inquiries, call 895-3401 to 03.

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