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Am I losing hair? For a few fleeting seconds, you wonder, as you stare at the few strands fallen on the shower room floor or the alarming clump stuck to your hairbrush. It's a question you've asked yourself a few times, maybe more so if you have thin hair, so every hair counts.

Actually, hair loss is inevitable and normal. In fact, it is normal to lose between 75 to 150 strands daily. Losing this amount of hair is part of the natural life cycle of hair, and it allows room for new hair to grow.

If you feel you are losing more than the average, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether you are suffering from excessive hair loss:

· Do you see more hair than usual in the sink trap after you shampoo?

· Is there more hair than usual in the brush you regularly use?

· Do you see any part of your scalp shining through your hair?

· Is your hair receding at the temples?

· Have certain portions of your hair gradually become finer?

· Does your hair feel dry and brittle despite the use of a conditioner?

Excessive hair loss is a condition that affects both men and women, and there are a variety of causes, including: advanced age, an inherited tendency to bald early, medication side effects, or hair abuse by harmful and incessant hair pulling (Trichotillomania), or faulty hair treatments. Most thinning is a gradual process, and the most common is the Male and Female Pattern Baldness. Hair loss may be temporary, as in cases of Alopecia Areata (loss of hair in round patches or bald spots), or for Cancer Patients undergoing Chemotherapy. Unfortunately, for those who have Congenital Alopecia or Burned or Scarred Scalps, hair loss could be permanent.

Frannie Villanueva of HAIRWEAR says that the first step in addressing hair loss is confirming the source of the problem. It all depends on what happens when I first sit down with a client for consultation, and my recommendation would be based on the state of the individual's hair loss and his needs.

Should the individual require is a hairpiece, Frannie says HAIRWEAR provides world-class, quality systems which ensures that one won't look like his wearing a hairpiece. We use 100% human hair, and the hair strands are individually hand knotted to the base, making the hair flow naturally and look like its is growing from the scalp. Each hairpiece is customized. This means that the color, texture and style are meant to suit your face shape, age, and skin tone. We could even re-create your favorite hair style!

The best part about HAIRWEAR technology is the hairpieces don't have to get in the way of living a normal life. The hairpiece may be worn while you are on field work or engaging in sports; can be washed, blow dried, ironed, colored, or permed. Gone are the days of men and women standing outdoors, hanging on to their hair for dear life as strong gusts of wind threaten to blow their dignity away. HAIRWEAR'S modern technology has made your hairpiece unrecognizable and unflappable – just the way you want it.

Frannie gets most excited when she talks about HAIRWEAR FRIENDS, a special program designed to support hair loss problems of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The FRIENDS program is a result of Frannie's experience with cancer patients in the past. their needs and desires are different from our typical clients, and we make it a point to be sensitive to that, Frannie says.

Whatever the hair loss needs, HAIRWEAR guarantees customers value for money; and with proper care, a HAIRWEAR hairpiece can last 5 years or more.

So if you think you are losing hair, stop wondering about it and get more informed. You can make an appointment with Frannie Villanueva at HAIRWEAR for a FREE CONSULTATION that comes with great coffee and a guarantee of personal service and discretion. Telephone Number 414.5957/ G/F Francisco Building ,Timog Avenue, Quezon City.


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