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High-Tech Health... The Future of Aesthetic and Laser Technology

In today's modern world, no area of life is spared from the strong grip of fast-paced technology. Whereas the term "hi-tech" only used to be applicable to computers and microchips, today, it encompasses realms as varied as fashion to architecture, retail to biology, lifestyle to health and beauty.

Because of the alarming rate at which technology progresses today, new machines become passť and outdated in a span of only a few months. What is current one day is pushed to the back burner the next, and trends constantly revolve and are re-used to reveal new discoveries and inventions.

This phenomenon is what separates forerunners from those who trail by. Leaders in their respective fields gain success by remaining up to date with global trends. Pioneers become the world's movers because of their ability to venture into new grounds and their courage to break barriers.

It is in this very spirit that forerunner in beauty and aesthetic care, Clarity, surges on as a leader in its own right. A total aesthetic and laser center, Clarity offers its patrons a holistic and comprehensive approach to taking care of all their healthy and beauty needs. Not only does Clarity offer services to its patrons; it also guarantees them the promise of top of the line, up to date equipment, on par with standards set in the United States and Europe.

Dr. Joemar Escaner, Division Operations Manager of Clarity, says that Clarity makes it a point to keep looking into what is technologically available worldwide. As the head of all three Clarity branches (Shangri-la, Robinson's Place and SM North), he says that it is the center's duty to monitor not only the latest technology, but also to keep track of the safety and efficacy of its new machines. Through internet tracking, continuing medical education and constant participation in medical conventions, Clarity stays ahead.

In the last few months that Clarity has been operational, it has acquired several top of the line machines-each piece of equipment dealing specifically with the latest in aesthetic and laser procedures.


Only a few tertiary hospitals around the metropolis have the Orthalix 9200, or Panoramic X-ray. Clarity is proud to be one of the first health centers to offer this service to dental patients. With this machine, dentists are able to obtain a panoramic view of the patient's dentitions plus their surrounding structures and bones. Unlike ordinary x-ray machines, the Panoramic X-ray is able to deliver complete images in a short span of 10 to 15 minutes-an extremely large leap in dental technology.


Dermatology today is no longer confined to acne surgery. It spans a whole range of services from cautery to dermal fillers to mole removal. Clarity has made sure that trained professionals, coupled with state of the art equipment can deal with each dermatological concern that patients may have.

In the past, patients had to undergo surgery for the removal of moles. With the Sharplan CO2 Laser, warts, moles and syringomas can now be removed leaving minimal to absolutely no scars at all on the skin after treatment.

Wrinkles, sun damage and spots are other concerns that patients seek help for IPL. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a photo-rejuvenation system, which improves all elements of photo-damage. Used in aesthetic and cosmetic applications, this one of a kind machine is applied in the practice of dermatology. While different aesthetic centers all over the city do offer IPL, Clarity's photo-rejuvenation system is under the Quantum brand, which has the licensed trademark for the intense pulsed light system.

Skin lesions are another problem area that may be attacked by hi-tech machinery. Clarity uses the Hyfrecator 2000, which attacks benign skin lesions such as skin tags, warts and other clinical applications.

Facial salons have been popularized over the last couple of years. Clarity has an edge over these run of the mill face clinics with its 8-in-1 DermaTek 8000 Facial Machine. The composite machine contains all the elements needed to provide patients with a complete facial-a magnifying lamp, vacuum, spray, wood lamp, vaporizer and other high frequency and galvanic elements. Used along with the New Appeal Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion wands, Clarity is well equipped to offer patients the very latest in skin care. Diamond peel is a procedure, which replaces chemical peeling, wherein the skin's topmost layer of the skin is sloughed off via natural diamond chips while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away in a sterile and controlled manner, leaving skin soft, supple and vibrant.

Hair Removal

The painstaking process of hair removal is made less tedious with Clarity's one of a kind Light Sheer Diode Hair Removal. Through deep and concentrated penetration brought on by diode technology, hair reduction can be made stable, long term or even permanent. The machine can also combat inflammatory reactions, as well as leg veins and lesions. Through the science of laser, heat and light, the Diode Hair Removal machine effects temporary hair removal in a matter of just four to six sessions.

These highly specialized machines are only a few among Clarity's technologically advanced systems. The center itself runs on a paperless IT system, wherein record keeping is done by computer and information retrieval by each doctor can be done as quick as the click of a mouse. This system eliminates paper wastage, and allows a network to be established among all three Clarity branches. This globalization is just one manifestation of Clarity's being ahead in technology.

What separates Clarity, however is not only its hi-tech equipment or advanced medical know-how. Dr. Joemar Escaner explains that what gives them an unparalleled edge is the holistic quality that Clarity's patients receive. "We aren't just an aesthetic clinic," he explains. "We offer you everything from aesthetic services to actual medical solutions."

To deliver the aforementioned medical solutions, Clarity makes a promise to its patrons to provide professionalism. The doctors who use the advanced equipment are well-versed and intensively trained professionals who will deliver service on par with the latest technology.

As Clarity Laser and Aesthetic Center has proven, it is not enough to keep up with today's modern technology. An important factor would be the human factor-the know-how and skills of highly trained professionals. Only with these two elements can one deliver excellent and supreme service-holistic qualities, which define today's leaders in technology.

Visit Clarity's branches at the Shangri La Plaza Mall (9104955), SM City North Edsa (9269235), Robinsons Place Manila (5284547).

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