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How To Remove Unsightly Dryness and Skin Scaliness

Do you have dry or scaly skin? Is your skin so dry that it looks like you have severe sunburn? Well have no fear, here are "4 Steps to Combat Dry Skin."

1. Skin Cleansers
These will wash away the dead skin, and leave your face feeling smooth and fresh. You can try body washes that have Vitamin E to keep your skin smooth and soft.

Just keep in mind that too much cleansing will also wash away your skin's natural oil, so limit the cleansing to a maximum of twice a day.

2. Moisturizers
Remove dry skin by using moisturizers which acts as barriers and emollient to your skin. If you have extremely dry or scaly skin, use a heavy moisturizer.

3. Exfoliate
This process gets rid off your skin's dead cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft. Skin whitening soaps with some oatmeal grits help remove dead skin cells without harming your skin.

4. Vitamin Supplements
Get sufficient intake of vitamins that have skin healing properties. Make sure you have enough Vitamin A, B, C, and E. Also get enough minerals such as Zinc.

Skin Care Products

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