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Itzamatch me at The Coffee Beanery

Too busy to socialize? Longing to meet people who have the same interest as you but you just don’t have the time? With the fast paced lifestyles of today’s generation of young people, meeting new friends and potential life partners may take a back seat. With countless deadlines, client meetings, sales presentations and overnight brainstorming, your circle of friends may become smaller confining yourself to your officemates, college pals and high school barkada.

Realizing this situation, itzamatch.com -- the country’s fast rising dating website and The Coffee Beanery -- a coffeeshop chain known as the home of Latte Art and award-winning concoctions – join hands together for “speedmatching”, a popular mode of dating among youths in Europe and America, geared for busy singles who want to meet other singles in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Meet and date lots of people while savoring the The Coffee Beanery’s Blueberry Cheesecake Coffee or the Frosted J while having a bite of tiramisu or chocolate caramel cake and have fun all in one night! The speedmatching, dubbed as “Itzamatch Me at the Beanery,” will be held on March 4, 2005 at 7:30 pm at The Coffee Beanery outlet at the Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

At the venue, there will be rows and rows of tables for two in The Coffee Beanery, a popular “dating” venue that has inspired it to come up with a tagline “Meet Me at The Beanery”. The couples sit opposite each other and have only three minutes together.

You won't learn someone's life history in such a short time but that's not the aim. It's a brief encounter, a teasing taster and if you want to know more and the feeling is mutual, who knows what might happen. After three minutes, a loud buzzer goes on. The guys get up and move on to another table. Then, they have three minutes again with a new girl.

If, by the end of a conversation, you fancy a person or would like to see them again, you can use the itzamatch mobile score card. If the other person also fancies you, you will receive a match notification with contact details such as e-mail address or cellphone number.

“Itzamatch Me at The Coffee Beanery” may be the place and occasion for you to find that special someone. This is a special invitation to itzamatch members only. Reserve early as there are only limited seats. For more details, log on to www.itzamatch.com or call 0917-5323299. -30-


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