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Close Encounter with Kanebo's Yoneda Junya

Thirty-year-old Yoneda Junya admits to being a TV addict since he was a kid. But instead of animes, he likes to watch fashion shows. "I like watching people, observing their reactions, how they move, how they dress," he says of his favorite pastime. Small wonder he ended up studying at the Tokyo Mode Gakuen, a special school for aspiring make up artists.

He's been with Kanebo for eight years, which he says, has been a very exciting job because he gets to travel a lot and experience other cultures. An expert in beauty enhancement and cosmetics, he's been professionally engaged in major productions, doing makeup and hairstyling for promotional videos and giving lectures. One memorable experience was working with Sakashita Chiriko, a famous Japanese actress.

Lest one gets the wrong impression of his sexual preference, the young, talented makeup artist is very much married with two kids, aged four and two. Which prompts one to ask the inevitable question: Does he do his wife's make up? Well, how lucky can a woman get when he's married to a figure in beauty business.

"You might find this terribly amusing but my wife actually gets irritated when I give her advice, especially on makeup," he says. Like what advice, for example? "Oh, like keeping her eyebrows thin, for one," he then laughs, his chinky eyes disappearing.

When it comes to applying makeup, he says, he looks at the person first, assessing the look, the age and the personality. "My job is all about first impressions. For example, we don't know each other and yet just by looking at you, the way you're dressed, the way you sit or how you wear your hair, I could see through my mind's eye, how you would look with makeup on," he explains in halting English.

Kanebo, the prestigious cosmetic and skin care brand from Japan, introduced the T'estimo makeup line early this year. The Autumn and Winter 2004 collection is an extraordinary, trendy and easy to use makeup products that gives off a professional finish. According to Jenny Liang, chief trainer for Asian operations, T'estimo in Japanese means "beautiful." It is also a play on the Spanish phrase for "I love you."

Kanebo has actually been in existence for 20 years and is the second leading brand in Japan. The company was initially recognized for their eyeshadows. "Even if you don't have good technique, T'estimo Jelly Pure Eyes eyeshadow, which comes in five colors, can give you a professional finish. It's easy to apply and yet lasts long. If you accidentally put too much color on, you can change it by a flick of the finger," Liang says.

The secret to the easy-on application is in the layering effect of gel and powder, an emulsion they call Sheer-3D Pearl, which creates a translucent glow as if originating from below the skin. The result? A watery gloss and shine that envelop the eyelids, creating rounder, youthful looking eyes. The sheerness is also multi-dimensional as the Sheer-3D Pearl makes colors appear to change depending on the angle and position of light, creating "natural beauty with a sense of contour."

The moisturizing effect comes form squaron oil and cranberry extract for suppleness and added depth around the eyes. Both the Jelly Pure Eyes and the Styling Rouge lipstick contain orange essential oils, are available in eight colors and contain the Sheer-3D formulation.

In addition to these featured products, Kanebo also has Rouge Clear Filter UV SPF 21, a lipstick base that protects lips from dryness and roughness because of its moisturizing ingredient made up of apricot and carrot extract.

For the face, there's the T'estimo Color Lighting which creates a shimmering pearlescent light and a lilac tint blend on the surface of the skin to de-emphasize dullness.

The secret of the translucent multi-dimensional effect
According to color theory, some colors appear closer (advancing colors) while others appear farther (receding colors). Sheer-3D Pearl incorporates this theory to create natural looking, beautifully full lips and eyes.

Red, orange, yellow and other warm colors: When viewing these colors, the small refraction rate makes the eye's crystalline lens larger, and the colors appear closer.

Blue-green, blue, purple, and other cool colors: When viewing these colors, the large refraction rate makes the eye's crystalline lens smaller, and the colors appear farther.

Red, orange, yellow and other warm colors: When viewing these colors, the small refraction rate makes the eye's crystalline lens larger, and the colors appear closer.

Sheer-3D Pearl shifts from pink to blue-green and adds a sense of gradation to make colors appear to change depending on the angle and position of light. Sheer-3D Pearl is highly translucent and changes in gradation from pink (a soft, warm color - that creates an advancing effect) to blue-green (a firm color - that creates a receding effect).


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