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Karaoke Beauties in a Box

Karaoke + beauties = absolute fun

Ms Earth and Red Box Karaoke

Photo caption: Miss Earth 2004 beauties at Red Box

Great food and ambience, an exciting & updated song
list, and fun karaoke sessions to sing & dance the
night away… The delegates of the Miss Earth beauty
pageant, whose raison d’etre is to actively promote
and get involved in the preservation of the
environment and the protection of Mother Earth,
recently had the chance to let their hair down and
enjoy all these at Red Box Karaoke. This is the
hippest karaoke place in the metro which also happens
to be one of the best-looking karaoke establishments
in the whole of Asia. 

Before concentrating on the pageant proper and before
the titleholders took on the responsibilities the
contest entailed, about 70 contestant from all over
the world enjoyed various activities like sightseeing
and engaging in good clean fun while in the country.
Ms. Earth beauty pageant is an international
competition (presently ranking as the third biggest
beauty pageant in the world) that symbolizes the
newfound confidence, courage and spirit of today's
women. Every year, it draws the participation of some
of the world's environment-conscious women who
earnestly campaign for environmental protection while
vying to become the standout ambassadress of
earth-related issues. Unlike other beauty contests, it
focuses on delivering impact and relevance in the new
millennium For the beautiful ladies, the Miss Earth
2004 crown is an added bonus to be able to parlay an
international cause worldwide. 

While in Manila, the Miss Earth delegates took the
opportunity to unwind and enjoy red-hot entertainment,
and opted for Red Box, which was certainly anything
but boxy or squarish. Just like the smart and classy
ladies, Red Box turned out a suitable recreational and
dining venue as it offers more than meets the eye.
It’s not your typical karaoke joint. Located at the
3rd level of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, it features
fabulous interior design that’s conducive for hanging
out either at noon, late afternoon or at the end of an
arduous day. Indeed, it's a modern, westernized,
minimalist oasis; a chic bright spot at the heart of
bustling Makati. It embodies a new dimension in
karaoke centers, and interprets a global vision while
providing utmost comfort and delight, living up to its
name as a franchise that originated from Hong Kong and

Entering the brightly lit interiors of Red Box Karaoke
is akin to stepping into a realm of relaxed luxury.
Small wonder it easily appealed to the Miss Earth
delegates harboring a song in their hearts, who truly
enjoyed what the place had to offer before embarking
on their individual missions to make a difference in
their respective countries. See for yourself the
varied attractions of Red Box Karaoke, open daily from
12 noon to 3 am. For inquiries and reservations, call
up (632) 757-6188. 

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