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Karel’s Secret Admirer Finally Revealed!

Pond’s Celebrates the Closing of its Guess the Guy Mystery Promo with a Nationwide Party

Pond’s, the world-class skin care expert and leading face care brand in the country, recently concluded the Pond’s Guess the Guy Mystery Promo in a magical event that featured the first nationwide airing of the “uber-romantic” Pond’s TV Commercial revealing LEE, the quiet and mysterious artist, as Karel’s secret admirer. Love-struck Pond’s Oil and Pimple Control Beauty Powder users and party-philes from various parts of the country congregated at the following “Love Letter”: Pond’s Guess the Guy Reveal Party places: Greenbelt Expo Exchange in Manila, Vudu Bar in Cebu City, and Liquid in Davao City.

At the Expo Exchange, MTV VJ and model Sarah Meier played host-detective, taking the audience through the three “Mystery Guy Booths” to search for clues on who’s the more likely secret admirer of Karel. Sarah interviewed all three boys for a glimpse at their history with Karel; and the fond memories they have of her. Sarah also got to know Karel more intimately: she took a peek at the Pond’s girl’s diary and discovered that Karel started getting hordes of admirers when she started using the Pond’s Oil & Pimple Control Beauty Powder!

“The Pond’s Oil & Pimple Control Beauty Powder is all a girl like me needs. It solves my five skin problems by controlling oil, preventing pimples, preventing whiteheads and blackheads, smoothens out my skin and evens out my skin tone,” Karel writes in her diary. On Karel’s dresser, Sarah found the three variants of the Pond’s Beauty Powder – Pink Blush, Sky Blue Sprinkle, and Peach Glow. 

As midnight drew closer, commercial model Juddah Paolo took over the hosting and brought the audience’s excitement to a crescendo with the fashion show that featured the distinct personalities of the three Mystery Guys. Donning the latest clothes and accessories from U of Rustan’s, models personified the athletic guy Diego, boy-next-door Francis, and artistic Lee.

The party climaxed at the stroke of midnight with the first-ever nationwide airing of the Pond’s Guess the Guy Mystery Promo TV Ad ending. In the TV Ad, Karel finds a note in her locker with the words: “Exhibit Hall, 3 PM.” Intrigued, Karel goes to the hall and there a gigantic hand-painted portrait of her radiant face greeted her. She turns around and to find Lee standing right behind her, grinning shyly and shrugging his shoulders as if to say ‘Couldn’t help it!’ The romantic TV ad scene was re-enacted by Karel and Lee at the Expo Exchange, complete with the huge hand-painted painting of Karel rolling down from the ceiling, and Lee walking through the crowd and up the stage towards the blushing Pond’s beauty. The thrill was felt by everyone in the audience, those glued to the live coverage of Studio 23 and Manila’s top radio stations, and the people partying and witnessing the live feed at Vudu Bar in Cebu City and Liquid in Davao City.

Spotted at the Expo Exchange were celebrities like Sarah Christophers, Chunchi Soler, Ketchup Eusebio, and JM Rodriguez; style icons such as Ipe Cruz, Monica Araneta, Nicole Hernandez, Marga Valdez and GP Reyes; models Cat Juan, Bianca Valerio, Mikee Carrion, and Corey Wills; party people Philip Cu-Unjieng, Atom Henarez, Rina Marquez, Abba Nappa, Martin Valdez, Paolo Villavicencio and Ron Poe; and beauty experts & classic ramp staples Abbygale Arenas and Patty Bettita. Also seen at the event were the San Beda Red Lions.

To bring the night to a close, Pond’s held the grand draw of the Pond’s Guess the Guy Mystery Promo where one lucky winner won One Million Pesos! Watch out for the announcement of the newest millionaire on the block soon!


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