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Kim Tyo: Amway's new face

By Gesel Pereyra-Mangilit

As Cicero once said, "Everything is in the face." Since society began, facial appearance has been regarded as an important asset. It's not just a veil of 44 muscles stretched over a skull, but our passport in a world peopled with men and women who judge by appearance. And I don't mean it in the wrong sense. Because, let's face it, life is all about first impressions. Even newborns seem to recognize and respond to total strangers who they perceive to be beautiful. It's the face we show that we are judged by, although it does not necessarily define "who we are."

In the world of advertising, a beautiful face on a label can definitely send products flying off the shelves, moreso if the face is that of a well-known person.

International model Kim Tyo might just be a familiar face on magazine covers and your daily dose of fashion TV, but she is sure to become another household name now that she is spokesperson for Amway, just as her predecessor, Ingrid Vandebosch, had been.
Standing out from among more than 2,000 beauties from around the world who competed for the coveted position of being the official spokeperson for Artistry, Amway's cosmetics and skin care brand, the 5'10'' Canadian-born brunette was in Manila recently, as part of her Asian tour, making the rounds of Amway's affiliates to share her "Artistry experience."

Tyo's sunny personality belied her glamorous looks, as her blue-green eyes flashed with warmth at the press presentation at M Cafe, Ayala Museum. She says she is happy to have the opportunity to help women everywhere look and feel their best.
Tyo began modeling professionally at 15, when she left her hometown Quebec and moved to Montreal, where she was discovered by a talent agent. She went on to model for such prestigious names as Armani, Ferre, Fila and Mode Magazine, jetting between Japan, Paris, Montreal, New York and Milan, where she is currently based.
Voted "The Face to Watch" by Models.com, the 19-year-old looker, however, possesses more than a pretty face as she speaks five languages fluently. She continues her education through Internet courses.

"Kim's fresh and glamorous face and friendly, approachable personality is capable of launching thousands of distributorships. We are confident that consumers in the Philippines will be most impressed with her, as those in other Amway markets have been," says Vicky Ofalsa, Amway Philippines country manager.

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