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Kotex® Pads and Liners - Beating Those School Blues

Kotex pads and panty liners for the school blues.Hey girl! Do you feel blue? Stressed out? If you're dealing with school stress, just remember to keep it real!

Find out what stress is, what it isn't, and what it can do if you let it rule your life. So read up on the following tips that may help you beat those school blues! Stress can be a result of schoolwork and your schedule.

Does your schedule allow you enough time to finish your schoolwork? Or maybe you should learn to budget your time more efficiently? If time to  get your schoolwork done is the problem, find a quiet place (like a library 
or study area) where you can accomplish your homework.

If scheduling is not the problem and the schoolwork is too difficult for you, plan to spend the first few hours after school in your teacher's classroom or a study area to get the tutoring you need.

Remember, your schedule and schoolwork are not worth losing sleep
over or getting so upset that you can't eat. If stress is affecting 
your sleeping or eating patterns, or impairing your ability to concentrate 
at home, a change is in order. Talk with your parents, counselors, and
teachers to come up with a schedule that you can actually follow and
homework that you can realistically accomplish. You may need some help 
with budgeting your time better, or you might need to take a class that is 
less demanding.

If you can't control your stress, your stress will control you. 
Learn to budget your schedule and your assignments or else your stress level 
will rise as school assignments pile up. Stress reduces your ability to
concentrate, induces drowsiness, fatigue, and makes it hard for you to
function throughout the day.

The world will not end if you do not finish all your homework
assignments perfectly or if you are a little late with handing in an
assignment on a rare occasion. No homework assignment is so important 
that you should lose sleep or make yourself sick over it. If you find 
yourself overly stressed about simple assignments, repeat: "It's only 

Focus on doing your homework to the best of your ability instead of 
doing it perfectly.

You can reduce your school stress by becoming more organized. 
Make sure that all your books are labeled and that you have plenty of 
supplies such as paper, pens, notebooks, and calculators. 

Also organize your coursework so that you have a different folder for 
each class; this will help to keep your assignments clear and help you
to find your  information more quickly when you are doing your homework.
A lack of organization can cause you needless stress and can make you
take longer to complete your assignments.

Prioritize your schoolwork. Notice what date each of your 
assignments are due, and estimate how much time each assignment will take you to
complete. Then prioritize your work. Make sure that the assignments 
that are due immediately and the larger assignments that require more work 
(like a term paper) are at the top of your list. Be sure to work on the
assignments in the order that you have them written down. When you
prioritize your work, you will be less likely to fall behind in your 
school work and will be more likely to hand in your assignments on time. 
You'll also feel much more relaxed!

And to help you ease the challenges of school life and menstrual
worries, KOTEX® is the best friend which takes cares of you during 
that time of the month. KOTEX® brand of pads and liners are specifically
designed to meet every woman's feminine care needs.

KOTEX® has a complete line of feminine pads and pantiliners to 
fit every woman's lifestyle. KOTEX® NEWTEX® Pads have a Soft & Smooth 
cotton cover, Quick-Absorbing Pores and the Unique Blue Safety Zone for 
superior absorbency and protection against leaks and stains. KOTEX® White* has 
a Quick-Dry cover that has tiny funnel-like holes that quickly draw fluid
into the pad. Its Blue Safety Zone traps the fluid inside the pad to 
keep women feeling fresh and dry even when they have their period. The pads 
are available with wings for added security, as well as in extra long 

Soft & Smooth Overnight variant with Back-Guard and KOTEX® Ultrathin 
pads that are less than four millimeters thin.

Plus, for everyday protection and hygiene, there are KOTEX® 
Fresh Pantiliners in Longer & Wider, Unscented, Scented, Ultrathin and 100%
Cotton Cover variants for women to choose from. How's that for a 
fresh start?

If you know how to manage stress, you can beat the blues and your
life in school will be a breeze. Just follow these simple tips and 
you're well on your way to worry- and hassle-free days ahead inside the 
classroom and in the campus.

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