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Look Who’s Living in an Express World

Date: July 7, 2004

Amidst the frenzy of our fast paced world where we assume multiple roles and responsibilities, the need to achieve the right balance in our lives has never been more necessary. Some people are better than others in being able to step back and take time out from this hurried world.

A young man leisurely strumming his guitar, an Expat Pinoy reading his daughter’s engaging letter from hundreds of miles away, a mother bathing her one-year old baby, and a business executive enjoying an exhilarating basketball game on TV.

They are people who definitely know how to make the most of their time. One of the secrets to their well balanced lives is BPI Express World where financial and banking activities can be done at their convenience. This admirable set shares how you too can step back and find the time to relish the finer things in life.

Young man finding harmony in work and music

Young media executive Diego Castillo knows how to blend work with fun as he makes his passion for music his main career. His day job at Progressive Broadcasting’s untv makes him constantly search for cool music videos to show on TV while at night, he rocks with his popular band Sandwich. He has also ventured into TV directing, video editing and musical scoring. You can’t help but wonder how Diego manages to wear different hats at various times of the day.

Twenty-something Diego harnesses technology to his advantage. To keep up with a demanding calendar, Diego makes full use of BPI Express World to manage his growing finances. Armed with a phone, an internet connection and a BPI Express Teller card, Diego can go about his banking needs through cashless transactions at his convenience. “BPI Express World serves my personal needs and saves me precious time,” says Diego. “The EPS lets me shop and purchase instantly without having to line up at the ATM while the Express Online lets me check my balance or pay my bills when I get home at 3 am,” he enthused. 

Telco exec works to live, not lives to work

As Head of Globe Telecom’s Media and Advertising, Amado “Dodo” Reyes, Jr. is one busy executive whose day is characterized by multiple meetings, tight deadlines and the usual stress that goes with a high level position in a fiercely competitive industry. You’d be surprised to find though that despite his hectic schedule, his family definitely does not take a backseat in his life.

“While all the frantic activities at work normally make for a stressful day, I make it a point to spend time with my wife and kids,” says this father of two. “I make sure I have breakfast with my sons and I personally bring them to school in order to have some quality time together,” he added. He also shares one of the secrets of his remarkable family life “I leave the work at the office. Very rarely would I bring work home because I need to spend time with the family. One of my principles in life is that ‘you work to live, not live to work,” Dodo revealed.

His discovery of BPI Express World’s convenient services was borne out of a real need to manage his family’s finances without visiting the bank. A few years ago, Dodo had to undergo a kidney transplant and had to severely limit his trips out of the home. “I tried BPI Express Online because I was scheduled to undergo an operation. That limited my mobility as I was prevented from going to public places to minimize the risk of infections,” he said. Now going online to check his balance, transfer funds, pay bills or even reload his sons’ prepaid phone accounts is a regular part of his routine.

Expat discovers benefits of virtual banking

BPI also takes care of Filipinos working abroad and their families who are left behind here in the country. Rafael Santos, who works as a seaman in a shipping company, can now attend to his job with peace in his heart knowing that his two children are well taken cared of as they receive his remittance on time.

Mr. Santos opened an account with BPI Direct, which is the country’s first Phone and Internet bank, so he can quickly transfer funds from his BPI account to that of his daughter, Ranica, through Express Online. Through BPI Direct, Mr. Santos now has full control of his finances even if he is thousands of miles away. The whole Santos family now finds it so convenient to remit and withdraw funds by using BPI Direct through Express Online. 

To get her allowance, all Ranica has to do is just withdraw from any BPI Express Teller ATM. “Before it was difficult for us to get our allowance because we had to go to my father’s employment agency to claim his remittance,” says the 22 year-old Ranica. “Now, my dad just needs to transfer funds from his BPI account to mine through Express Online. Then I can withdraw from any BPI Express Teller Machine or I pay our bills through the Express Online or the Express Phone,” she added. Other Expat Pinoys can send their remittance through other means with BPI Direct or with BPI Express Remittance Centers and be assured that the needs of their loved ones at home are given attention.

A charmed life for fashionable mom

As a mother, Venisse Laurel-Hermano of the Rajo Laurel Enterprises and the new House of Laurel understands the importance of balancing work and family. While she enjoys being in the fashion industry, working alongside her famous designer brother Rajo, Venisse is also a loving wife to her husband and doting mom to her one year old baby, Danielle.

This self-confessed shopaholic finds her shopping sprees more enjoyable and stress-free with BPI’s Express Payment System. “As a rule, I only carry my checkbook and my BPI Express Teller Card; I never carry cash and I find it to be just as convenient,” she remarks. The young wife also counts on BPI Express Online’s scheduled payments facility to make sure that her household and personal bills are paid on the appointed date. Now that she doesn’t have to mark her calendar for payment due dates, she is able to cherish her quality time with her family.

There are more people like them who have to perform many roles at home and at work. But they found the wonderful benefits of living in an Express World. With BPI Express World, you can just be like Diego, Dodo, Rafael and Venisse who are successful in their chosen field and yet still find time to sit back and enjoy what truly matters in this life. Log on to www.bpiexpressonline.com or get connected through Express Phone 89-100 or Express Connect (mobile banking facility) so that you, too, can stop and smell the roses.

Source: Stratworks, Inc. Press Release

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