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Mascara - Lash Out

I've always had an aversion to mascara ever since that first time I very nearly gouged out an eye with a mascara brush. That had been almost fifteen years ago when my gay friend who works at the neighborhood parlor (that's what salons were called then) insisted on applying mascara on what he called "frightfully plain" and short lashes which, when curled to perfection, as his was, would frame an exquisite pair of almond shaped eyes that nature has blessed me with.

The requisite trip to the parlor had been for my high school graduation which, to me, is nothing more than a short trip to the stage after almost four hours of sitting on a steel chair while a speaker drones on a parade of names from all of the six sections of my batch. I wondered why then why I needed to have my face made up just for a few clicks of the camera when plain Johnson's powder and lip gloss will do.

Fast forward to the college when a friend of mine, a certified kikay, persuaded me to use mascara. The following day, my eyes got itchy and all swollen. The doctor said it's either I had an allergic reaction to the product or the mascara I used was expired. Besides, he admonished, one should never share mascara brush with anyone else.
Since then I had never used mascara nor curlash. That is, until my wedding day. I had to look my makeup best so I pored through every magazine about the do's and don'ts of mascara application.

The skillful use of the curlash precedes every mascara application. Lashes are fragile so don't pull, tug or rub them.

  • Curl lashes at the base but don't get too near the skin so you won't pincj yourself.
  • A self heating lash curler holds curls for a longer period of time. If you don't have one, heat your metal curler with a quick blast of blow dryer. Be sure to cool it a bit to avoid burning your lash hair and skin.
  • Before curling or applying mascara, make sure your lashes are devoid of any powder particles that might have fallen off your eyeshadow.
  • If you wear mascara everyday, it's best to apply a protective base first to avoid lash breakage. Once you see lash pieces fall off, give both the eyelash curler and mascara a rest. It's a clear indication that your lashes have been through enough wear and tear.

After curling your lashes, ensure that they stay curled by applying mascara. There are three techniques you can choose from. Pick what works for you.

  • Apply mascara at the base of the lashes working your way up to the tip, one stroke at a time.
  • Hold the mascara bristles vertically at lash level. Run the wand left to right working you way from the base to the tips. Use mascara comb when mascara clumps form.
  • Wiggle the mascara at the tips of your lashes in a horizontally or zigzagging motion to make sure every strand gets coated.



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