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Is That Meat Safe To Eat?

How can you be sure that the meat you serve your family does not contain foodborne illness-causing microorganisms? If you want to prevent trips to the hospital, always practice meat safety -- from buying meats to cooking meals:

GROCERY GUIDELINES. At the supermarket, buy the non-perishable items first before the frozen goods. When you get home, do not let the meats wait and sit in your car or on the kitchen counter since foodborne disease-causing microorganisms thrive at room temperature.

GUARD AGAINST CROSS-CONTAMINATION. Cross-contamination also causes foodborne illness so store meats in the freezer by placing them in separate, tightly sealed plastic bags. This will prevent raw meat juices from coming into contact with other meats, leftover dishes, ready-to-eat foods and fresh produce.

CLEAN IS ALWAYS IN. When preparing, handling and storing meats, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Food contact points like cutting boards, knives, countertops should be kept clean and sanitized.

THAW EASY. Experts say that meats thawed in the refrigerator can be re-frozen before or after cooking. But when defrosted by other means, make sure to cook the meat before you re-freeze it.

TRUSTED 'SUKI'. Purchase meats only from trusted sellers. Those who want to buy choice meats choose Monterey. Monterey hogs and cattle are Grade A imported breeds subjected to exacting international standards so they produce leaner, higher quality meats. Monterey meats are handled with much care at every stage -- from the breeding and raising of animals, meat processing and packaging, to the specialized customer care at the Meatshop. Monterey employs a unique, advanced blast-chilling technique right after slaughter to neutralize bacterial growth and keep the freshness and nutrients sealed in. Discriminating homemakers will also be pleased to know that Monterey meats are checked daily by the National Meat Inspection Commission to ensure that they are disease-free.

Filipinos have access to quality meats at affordable prices in Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops and in leading supermarkets nationwide. Now you know that the meat you eat is fresh, safe and high in nutrition if it is from Monterey!

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