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Tina Juan Teaches Men How to Flex Their Orgasm Muscle

If you are among those experiencing some discomfort or dissatisfaction with your sex life, fret not. The answer to your woes just may be resolved in a little exercise that may strengthen the muscles surrounding your private parts. The exercise does not require an equipment, and you can try following your own time schedule – at home while relaxing on the couch, in the office, at the mall watching a movie, while queuing at the bank, watching a movie, or simply lying still in your bed, with or without a mate.

Unknown to most men and women, there is a muscle within the body which, when kept in tiptop shape, can help maximize one’s sexual experiences. This is what we may call the Orgasm Muscle, which is responsible not only for the health of the pelvic floor, but also for enhancing sexual pleasure in both males and females.

For a quick reference to human anatomy, the pelvic floor is slung like a hammock at the base of your pelvis. It consists of a deep muscle layer and a superficial muscle layer that work together to keep your pelvic organs healthy and in good working order. The Orgasm Muscle is the primary "sexual" muscle that supports the urethra, bladder, vagina, penis, uterus and rectum and is involved with sexual functions like orgasm and ejaculation in both men and women.

In men, it’s the group of muscles at the base of the penis inside the pelvis. The other benefits to regular exercising of the Orgasm Muscle is that it can also help cure or correct problems such as urinary problems, prolapse (slipping or falling out of place of an organ like the bladder or rectum). Anyone can learn to do the exercise at any age and expect moderate to astounding results with enough time and effort.

The exercise is called a “kegel” (named after gynecologist Arnold Kegel, who noticed back in the 1940s that many of his patients developed urine leakage problems after giving birth).

By improving blood circulation to the pelvic area, Kegel exercises can strengthen the Orgasm Muscle. Men may greatly enhance their enjoyment of sex by doing Kegel exercises, especially if his partner learns it, too. As opposed to stimulating themselves very quickly and rigorously – which many men soon learn is not the best way to obtain sexual awareness and command – kegel exercises strengthen the Orgasm Muscle and in so doing, contribute to pleasurable sensations. After several weeks most males who practice kegel will notice a higher erection angle, increased ejaculation distance and volume, and more intense orgasms. Indeed, many people report easier and stronger orgasms when their Orgasm Muscle is in tone. This can help prevent discomfort during sexual activity.

So how is a Kegel exercise done?

Celebrated fitness guru Tina Aboitiz-Juan says that to find your orgasm Muscle, put your fingers on your hip bones and slide downward and inward between your legs. “It is easy to identify where these muscles are.” It’s the same muscles you flex when you try not to urinate or stop midstream. Stopping the flow of urine is a good way to identify whether you are contracting the right muscles or not (you should not be contracting your buttocks or abdomen muscles). However, Ms. Juan cautions, that this is not a good way to routinely perform a kegel because practicing stop-start urination can lead to urinary tract infections.

To do kegel right, you should not use your stomach, leg, back or buttock muscles. It should not feel as if your anus is tensing. Breathe slowly and deeply. Put your hand on your stomach when you squeeze your pelvic muscle. If you feel your abdominal muscles move, then you are also using these muscles. Simply contract the muscle, hold it for a count of 10, then relax. If you can't hold it this long yet, don't be discouraged, this is why you're exercising after all. Eventually it will get much stronger. Repeat this 10 times at first and work your way up from there. You may do this several times during the day.

Says Tina Juan, “Kegels are actually a voluntary reenactment of the reflex contracting and releasing of the pelvic floor muscles when a woman has an orgasm. So when the muscles are strong, the more powerful the intensity of the orgasm. Kegels can also be used during foreplay to increase blood flow to the pelvic floor area, thereby increasing lubrication.” Alongside paving the way for more frequent, intense orgasms in women, Kegel exercise may also restore the muscle tone after childbirth.

In men, the payoffs of kegel exercise range from an increased angle of erection and greater ejaculatory control to stronger, more pleasurable orgasms. As with everything else, though, discipline is required. For those individuals who end up confused about the exercise (which requires some dedication) or anxious for results and are unable to focus and fortify their sexual muscle, there are other ways, of course, to enhance the orgasmic sensations or overall sexual functioning.


These days, medical opinion is that every man should be able to experience an active and satisfying sex life – without worries of threat to health and overall well-being. In this modern age, the first line of defense from factors that bear impact on optimum sexual functioning are oral agents. A novel phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor that recently made its way into the Philippine marketplace is Vardenafil. This potent drug offers what many men are looking for: it is fast-acting and has been shown to improve not only erection hardness but also orgasmic function in men. Engineered to improve male sexual functioning, this new wonder drug on the block exhibits favorable cardiovascular safety profile in the broad population. Like its predecessor drugs in its category, the only contraindication is concomitant intake with nitrates. Vardenafil should be dispensed only upon a physician’s prescription.


Indeed, with advancements in medical science, sexually mature men of all ages need not be flustered when virility shows signs of waning. To help narrow the gap between men (as well as their partners) and their sexual health and help advocate a holistic approach to men’s sexual wellness, Bayer HealthCare which is one of the world’s leading innovators in the health care and medical products industry deemed it best to lend all-out support to the establishment of the Sexual Wellness in Men (SWIM) Foundation.

This is an aggrupation of multi-disciplinary experts in urology, psychology, cardiology and fitness. Finally, here is a pathway for men to achieve richer, more fulfilling lives with their partners.

The recently launched SWIM Foundation was designed to work within the culture of silence which binds men not only in the Philippines but worldwide, preventing them from talking about sexual wellness issues in a beneficial and meaningful manner. In reality, some men may be in top physical form or sexual functioning, but it does not mean they are at peak sexual performance all the time. As one of the country’s foremost urologists and one of the founding members of SWIM Foundation, Dr. Eduardo Gatchalian said, “Even if you’re a healthy person, you cannot perform at your peak every time, considering all the stress, pollution and demands of modern society that may wreak havoc on optimum sexual functioning.” 

The SWIM Foundation respects the myriad sexuality and health issues facing men today, seeks to dispel the misconceptions surrounding men’s sexual wellness and hopes to empower and encourage men to enhance their sex lives, enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Source: Geiser Maclang Communications


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