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Merrell makes patented soles for women's gait

Merrell, the performance footwear brand for the adventure-seeker, now has a patent-pending technology that is 100 percent tailor-fit for women: Q-Form™.

The Q-Form™ technology, which was specifically developed because women move differently, combines properly sequenced cushioning with a supportive and naturally aligning midsole.

Upon initial heel strike, the Merrell Air Cushion® absorbs the brunt of the shock and centers the heel. As the foot rolls toward the medial side (inside) of the foot, a firm, supportive portion of the midsole gently redirects the foot toward the lateral side (outside of the foot).

A neutral-density cushioning zone aids in the transition of weight and pressure to the lateral side of the foot. As the center of gravity shifts to the lateral side, the foot is further stabilized by a second firm midsole zone. A softer portion within the midsole provides cushioning under the peak pressure zone of the foot.

Simply put, Q-Form™ compensates for a woman's pronounced "Q angle" (the angle between hip and knee) to alleviate discomfort. This also reduces the wear and tear of shoes, enabling them to last longer.

Source: Agatep Associates, Inc.

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