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Public Alert on Moderate and Severe Acne

Do you think that by now you should have outgrown having zits on 
your face? Are you flabbergasted that your horrible high-school complexion 
has returned?

Acne is an inflammation of the skin that affects people from 
every country and every culture around the world. Before, acne was 
predominantly thought of as a teenage dilemma, as a majority of teens
and preteens will develop some form of acne.

However, the condition certainly affects a large number of adults 
and even infants. The scientific name for the condition is acne vulgaris
because acne usually strikes in plainly visible locations such as the 
face, neck, chest and back.

There are various types of acne that range in annoyance, 
severity, and healing time. The most severe type of acne may even leave scars 
that if not treated properly, may be visible for a lifetime. If you or a loved 
one is troubled by severe acne, here's what you need to know about acne 
scars and what you need to do to avoid and care for them.

Dermatologists warn that there is a prevalence of adult acne
nowadays, ranging from moderate to severe cases. Moderate and severe
inflammatory types of acne result after the clogged follicle is invaded 
by Propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria that normally lives on the skin. A
pimple forms when the damaged follicle weakens and bursts open, 
releasing sebum, bacteria, and skin and white blood cells into the surrounding

Inflamed pimples near the skin's surface are called papules; when
deeper, they are called pustules. The most severe type of acne consists 
of cysts (closed sacs) and nodules (hard swellings). Scarring occurs when 
new skin cells are laid down to replace damaged cells.

Other causes of adult acne

· Cosmetics and hairsprays that block pores, letting oil build up 
and bacteria multiply.
· Stress, which increases production of adrenal cortisol and male
· Certain birth control pills, especially those with a progestin
component, which is derived from a male hormone-like base.

For these, the obvious therapy is to change cosmetics, decrease 
your stress level or, in the last scenario, change birth control pills.

One of the most effective treatments for moderate to severe acne 
is lymecycline a new oral antibiotic for acne. It belongs to a group of
antibiotics called tetracyclines. It is an antibiotic which has the 
ability to inhibit the growth of a wide variety of bacteria. It interferes with 
the production of proteins that the bacteria need to multiply and divide. 
This inhibits the ability of the bacteria to grow (bacteriostatic) and 
therefore stops the spread of the infection.

Lymecycline addresses moderate to severe forms of acne by 
targeting P.acnes and bacteria, and the proliferation of acne cutenaeous
microorganisms and inflammation.

The skincare experts bottomline: Skin problems need not 
blemish your after-teen years. Talk to your doctor. The right therapy can 
restore the clear complexion you deserve now that you're a grown-up.

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