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Mogu People: World’s Huggable Power Brand

Following the legacy of the classic Carebears, here comes another batch of unforgettable, caring and positive entities called Mogu People. Just as each Carebear character portray a distinct personality, the Mogu People likewise represents positive qualities or attributes such as patience, respect, success, joy, love, friendship, dream, success and courage.

From being a circle of human shaped “stress-relief” pillows which also serve as huggable companions, the Mogu People have evolved to become a power brand that literally makes several merchandise glow and eventually grow in sales. As a matter of fact, the Mogu People brand have expanded its territories from the United States (although the Mogu brand originated in Japan, the concept behind the Mogu People was conceived and developed in the US) to Europe and Asia. Several Mogu People merchandise have successfully penetrated international territories and has been gaining popularity worldwide. To date, there are at least 18 mythic beings (and still growing!) comprising the Mogu People brand. Each being has a unique and particular symbol which is empowering enough for any given merchandise.

Known for the tagline “Power We All Possess,” watch out for tons of Mogu-inspired merchandise coming your way at your favorite bookstores and department stores! For brand licensing opportunities and other inquiries, contact Empire Entertainment at 7224311 or 7224325.


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