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Motorola MPx200 - Their Secret Weapon

Rod Nepomuceno, Bryan Lim and Grace Rivera are corporate power players who give new definition to success. Their secret? A new communication power tool powered with every imaginable feature that makes it possible for professionals to get a grip on their busy lives.

Introducing the Motorola MPx200, a smart phone with the power of Windows Mobile software. It creates an incredible platform for communications, robust multi-media, web browsing and gaming functionality. The unit allows users to manage their personal information and synchronize their email, calendar and contacts with Microsoft Outlook either via a PC connection or via over-the-air synchronization with Exchange Server.

As the leading mobile phone brand in the US, Motorola has pioneered many innovations in telecommunication tools and gadgets such as the very first cell phone. Yes, it was the Motorola technology which started the wireless telephone. And since then, there’s no stopping the company in coming up with groundbreaking technology one after the other—tri-band phone, personal digital assistants—and yes, that first pager! 

This time, Motorola is bringing the power of a desktop computer and a wireless mobile phone in MPx200.

Discover this new Motorola phone model at work with Rod, Bryan and Grace.

More than just text-friendly, unbelievably durable and high performance

Only in his mid-30s, Rod’s professional life has already gone full circle. From law, business, to sports, broadcasting and now as director for corporate affairs and communications of MTV, Rod Nepomuceno always believes in reinventing himself.

“I try to experience as many things as I can. It applies here in my work in MTV, even in the choices I made, even in mobile phones, ” Rod adds.

With his kind of work, Rod swears to the importance of having an effective mobile phone that’s reliable, easy to use, and one that perfectly fits his lifestyle and image—such as the Motorola MPX200.

This latest model from Motorola bears its benchmark of quality, innovative features, style and functionality that executives like Rod look for in a mobile phone. MPX200’s power performance, whether at work or at play, makes it a ‘professional yet playful phone,’ as he puts it.

Rod particularly likes the phone’s user-friendly configuration that helps him navigate smoothly through the phone in a breeze. “It’s very simple to use, it took me just five minutes to get to know it. I guess it’s because it’s Microsoft-based so it has the friendliest navigation keypad,” he said.

Additionally, Rod attests to the MPx200’s durability after having accidentally dropped the phone several times. “It still works perfectly fine, it’s astoundingly durable.”

“I also love the whole clamshell feature. For me it’s so powerful. Just flipping it exudes a picture of power, of being in control. I like that.”

PDA out, enter multi-tasking MPx200

Bryan Lim gets his adrenalin rush from his work as the general manager of Bench, probably the most popular and successful retail giant in the country today. His day is always a whirlwind of meetings and store visits with lots of business transactions outside of the office. With the demands of his job, a mobile phone and a PDA are definitely his indispensable communications tools—until the MPx200 came along that is.

“Efficiency is always the order of the day for me, whether in my work habits or personal gadgets,” Bryan, who is self-confessed gadgets-savvy guy, explains. “I like it when things run seamlessly because I can do a lot. It enables me to work as effectively as I should.

“With the functionality of MPx200, I don’t have a need for a PDA anymore,” he adds.

Bryan is especially partial to MPx200’s combined power of desktop PC and the “always at hand” convenience of the mobile phone, making life simpler, smarter and more synchronized for mobile professionals like him. He also likes the phone’s light and compact size—only 3.5 by 1.9 by 1.06 inches and weighs as light as 3.8 ounces.

“We are alike, this phone and I. We both do multi-tasking.”

Fashionable, clamshell handset

Grace Rivera, merchandise director of the local subsidiary of Watson’s, Asia’s largest beauty and health retail chain, thinks that makers of the Motorola MPx200 had her in mind when they came up with this great mobile phone.

“A great deal of communication transpires between the Philippine office and the head office in Hong Kong. I have to attend to all of these daily plus my superiors there will not settle for anything less than a fast response,” said Grace. “And it doesn’t matter where I am—I should be able to respond swiftly.”

The MPx200 not only allows her to be completely in touch with the Hong Kong office wherever she is, but at the same time she can bring her office work wherever she goes. “I won’t survive on a mobile phone that cannot even give me access to my e-mail. The MPx200 has that feature and so many more incredible functions that allows me to conduct several business transactions simultaneously, anytime and anywhere.”

“I have already become dependent on it,” she confesses.

A stylish and elegantly-designed mobile phone is a must for Grace who finds the MPx200 fashionable for executives like her. “I like its sleek, black, and unique clamshell design that makes it stand out from the rest, “ she notes.

Four upwardly mobile professionals, one high-performance mobile phone that fully arms them for corporate combat. They swear MPx200 is all they need to get the job done. And it is not even a secret.

Source: Full Circle Communications 


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