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Ms Earth 2004 Beauty Queens Reveal their Beauty Secrets

What do Ms. Earth beauties Tamera Marie Szijarto - Ms. Philippines; Yanina Gonzalez – Ms. Paraguay; and Karolina Gorazda – Ms. Poland have in common? Aside from a shared concern for the environment and a common love for sports and outdoor adventure, these three gorgeous women have noticeably beautiful skin. Wherever they go, people stop and stare at them. At work or play, they are bound to ensnare admiration. What does it take to have skin as beautiful as theirs? Given their active lifestyle, how do they keep their skin beautifully fresh and clear of oil and blemishes?

Ms Earth 2004 Contestants and their Beauty Secrets

Ms. Philippines, 21-year Tammy, says her beauty secret consists simply of keeping her skin clean all the time. She says that to keep facial skin youthful-looking, removing make-up thoroughly before going to bed is a must.

“I have to clean my face before I go to sleep because I am very sensitive to make-up. I get rashes or allergies if my face is not clean.” To remove make-up, Tammy uses a deep cleanser like Pond’s Cold Cream. After thorough cleansing, she then applies toner and moisturizer to her skin, before finally going to bed.

Gloriously tanned Yanina agrees with Tammy. The 24-year old model from Paraguay also considers thorough cleansing of the face as a vital beauty regimen. “I can’t sleep without washing my face to remove make-up. I don’t like makeup; and if I can, I’d stay make-up free the whole day. In the pageant or when I model, I have to put on make-up so at night, I really have to clean my face well,” Yanina discloses.

Yanina, who also loves sports such as tennis, volleyball, and sky diving, spends much of her time outdoors. Thus, aside from make-up, she also worries about dirt and pollution.

“My face always gets exposed to dirt and pollution so I have to clean my face very well to remove deep-seated dirt and prevent blemishes,” she says, adding that she’s constantly searching for a cleansing product that is best for her skin, which is naturally dry and sensitive; but when she’s outdoors, is oftentimes oily and pimple-prone.

Meanwhile, Ms. Poland, Karolina, considers sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise as very important factors in having beautiful skin.

“Have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. Don’t smoke. Exercise a lot, drink a lot of water, and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.” Karolina likewise advises women to have daily vitamin supplements such as A, B3, E, and C, which are very good for the skin.

Like Yanina and Tammy, Karolina also loves the sports and outdoor activities. Some of her favorite hobbies are dancing and horseback riding and, during wintertime, skiing. To protect her skin from the harmful rays of the sun, Karolina makes sure that she puts on moisturizers with sunscreen before going out. 

Women with active lifestyles such as Yanina, Tammy, and Karolina, ordinarily deal with problems with oil and pimples on their faces. Being the skin expert and leading face care brand in the Philippines, Pond’s recommends the use of its new Oil and Blemish Control Facial Washes. Researched thoroughly by the Pond’s Institute’s centers of expertise, these facial washes are guaranteed to provide superior oil and pimple control to give active women’s faces the extra care they deserve.

The Pond’s Oil-Removing Refreshing Wash is made for women with combination (skin that has dry and oily patches at the same time) to oily skin. It is a revitalizing oil-free facial wash that thoroughly cleanses, removes oil, and refreshes with its unique 3-Step Oil Management System. First, Menthol Nutriclear Beads effectively dissolve oil and deep-seated dirt. Then, the Witch Hazel Extracts tighten pores to help balance oil production of the skin. Finally, the Menthol Extracts cools, refreshes, and revitalizes oil-prone skin.

The Pond’s Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub gently removes deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells with its Gentle Nutriclear Microscrubs and fights pimple-causing bacteria for that extra clean down to the pores. It is made especially for pimple-prone skin.

The Pond’s Pore Refining Cleanser and Toner thoroughly cleans with its Pro-moisture Deep Cleansers. But more importantly, it helps tighten visible pores with its Nutriclear Toner. It is made especially for skin with visible pores.

To aspiring beauty queens, the three international beauties advise them to pursue their dreams without reservations. “Follow your dreams, because they can come true,” they said. Tammy, Yanina, and Karolina also emphasized the importance of developing one’s inner beauty throughout the journey towards being a genuine ambassador of goodwill. “A beautiful woman becomes more beautiful if is she has strength of character, positive values, and most of all, a sincere concern for people and this world we call home.“

And with Pond’s, indeed you can be as beautiful as you want to be.


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