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Nursy Wipes for All Days and Ages

The sizzling temperatures of summer are here. The humidity is at an all time high and our clothes end up plastered to our bodies. From babies to teens to grandmas, no one is exempted from that itchy, sticky, sweaty feeling. 

Let's face it, the Philippines is not the coolest country to live in on the best of days. On the worst, just standing still outside is enough to make you feel dirty! A nice, cold shower is one way to feel better but oftentimes it's just not possible until the end of the day. Lucky for us, there are now ways to freshen up without having to wait.

Freshening up becomes much handier with the invention of portable wipes. Originally manufactured for babies, wipes were first made to help harassed mothers everywhere clean up their little ones. They were carried around in diaper bags in case baby need to be changed or cleaned up.

Now available in the market, there is Nursy Baby Wipes, which has a gentle formulation that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Now however, Nursy Baby Wipes may not only be used on babies, it may also be used on by people of all ages for cleaning and freshening up. And why not? Anything that is safe for the sensitive skin of a baby should be even gentler on older skin.

Nursy Baby Wipes has no alcohol or harsh fragrances but only water and mild ingredients to better cool and soothe your skin. What's more, Nursy Baby wipes comes conveniently in an easy pop-up pack. It clicks open and shuts easily to keep the wipes moist and hygienic- even in the messiest of hands or bags.

So in the heat of summer or during any hot day of the year, don't leave home without your Nursy Baby Wipes no matter what your age. You'll be sure to need it!
Nursy Baby Wipes is exclusively distributed by East Valley Enterprise Inc. and is available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets nation wide.

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