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The P99 Facial

Why spend a fortune on beauty products when you can
turn back the hands of time with a few simple steps
that cost a lot less than a trip to the spa?

Nu Pore Daily Facials are the one-step dry cleansing
system that may be used in place of your normal
cleansing routine.
It takes the place of four
different products in your facial care routine. Aside
from being a cleanser, it is also a make-up remover, a
toner, and an exfoliant; lifting dead skin and
impurities from the surface and stimulating cell
renewal. It is a specially textured cloth that
combines lathering cleanser and conditioners to remove
dirt, oil, make-up, and even mascara. It gently
exfoliates, and smoothens the skin’s texture beyond
basic cleaning; leaving you with a shine and glow that
you will love. 

Nu Pore contains green tea, vitamin E acetate and aloe vera, and is suited for all skin types. Packed with vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, green tea, with
its unique floral aroma, brims with antioxidant
properties that help scavenge the destructive free
radicals in the body. These antioxidants known as
cathechins have been shown in recent clinical studies
to fight viruses and slow down aging
. Aloe vera
supports the health and healing mechanisms of the body
because it doesn't just heal, rather, it feeds the
body’s system, helping it to function optimally and be
healthy. Vitamin E acetate is an antioxidant that
protects the cells from free radicals and prevents the
peroxidation of body fats. When Vitamin E is added to
cosmetics, it may protect against destructive
chemicals that compromise the integrity of skin and

Using Nu Pore takes 4 quick steps:

1. Moisten the cloth with warm water.
2. Rub to lather.
3. Gently apply all over your face.
4. Rinse with water.

Best of all, it sells for only P99.00 for every pack
of 12, and is only available at the P99 Store. Now
you can reverse skin damage caused about by bad habits
and exposure to the elements without breaking the

Check out the P99 Store nearest you and find out what
new, exciting and unexpected goodies you can find.
Today, the country’s original and pioneering
“one-price” retail outlet has 22 branches nationwide.

Source: Geiser Maclang Communications

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