Passive Exercise at Institut Santre

Many people go to gyms regularly, do combination sports routines but still cannot trim down the unwanted fat around the highly resistant areas of the neck, middle torso and thighs. While others, because of pre-existing medical conditions, cannot undergo the cardiac stimulation of regular exercise but are mandated by their doctors to lose weight for health reasons. Still, there are those who want to have great bodies but cannot be convinced to exercise and surgery is not a considered option.

The first in the Philippines exclusively for men, Institut Santre fills the niche where traditional methods of slimming cannot deliver results. Their signature treatment called the OmnivitalTherapy System, exclusive only to Institut Santre, combines the use of modern technology based on the latest medical studies and theories on fat, the biology of fat and the body's metabolism, as well as delving into the rich history of the east where traditional slimming techniques have been used for centuries. The result? A revved up metabolism that burns fat with clients lying down and relaxing is a private treating room.

Customized treatments are available. Their starter courses are called the Primaire 25 and Primaire 50 restores the body's handsome proportions by reconditioning the body's internal flow, reduce fat and water retention and train and tone muscles while their most intensive course, the Intensif, includes an intensive six pack abdominal muscle training.

They also offer skincare services which include removal of double chin, eye bags removal and wrinkles and gentle face lifting, all without surgery. Insitut Santre is located at 22 Jupiter corner Galaxy St., Makati City, tel. No. 759-5599


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