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Results of the 2004 Philippine Presidential Elections

Daily updates on the results of the 2004 Philippine Election Results for both the President and Vice-President positions. Results of the Comelec, Namfrel quick count, and news from the Senate of the Philippines.

Congress Tally

As of June 14, 2004. Partial, official canvass 80 of 176 CoCs

POE 951,651
LACSON 254,563
ROCO 131,880

Vice President
DE CASTRO 1,174,166
LEGARDA 1,136,056
AQUINO 38,948
PAJO 1,815

Namfrel Quick Count for the 2004 Philippine Election Results

June 5, 2004 - President Macapagal-Arroyo has 9,674,597 while FPJ has 9,158,999. For Vice-President, Noli De Castro has 11,632,573 while Loren Legarda has 10,870,332.

June 3, 2004 - President Macapagal-Arroyo has 9,272,855 while FPJ has 8,657,158. For Vice-President, Noli De Castro has 11,103,583 while Loren Legarda has 10,301,199.

Source: http://www.namfrel.org

News from the Senate of the Philippines and House of Representatives

As mandated by Section 4, Article VII of the Constitution, the President of the Senate shall receive the Certificates of Canvass (COCs) and Election Returns (ERs) of votes cast for President and Vice President in the national elections.

May 31, 2004 - Senate President Franklin M. Drilon leads lawmakers during the joint session of Congress, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, in opening the first ballot box from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Source: http://www.senate.gov.ph

The Constitutional Mandate

... The returns of every election for President and Vice-President, duly certified by the board of canvassers of each province or city, shall be transmitted to the Congress, directed to the President of the Senate. Upon receipt of the certificates of canvass, the President of the Senate shall, not later than thirty days after the day of the election, open all the certificates in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives in joint public session, and the Congress, upon determination of the authenticity and due execution thereof in the manner provided by law, canvass the votes.

- Section 4, Article VII
Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines



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