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ITZAMATCH.COM Moves to Become RP'S Major Online Matchmaking Site

Are you single? Are you finding that perfect venue to meet other singles too? Well, if you are in the "hunt", then you are invited to join the newest party circuit in town, in a venue that's guaranteed to be all fun, safe, and exciting. The catch is, out of the random faces, members will meet his/her ideal mate, brought together by the organizers who will arrange everything for a meeting of the minds and hearts -- and it's just a mouse click away!

"itzamatch.com" is now the hottest website to hit the online matchmaking scene, and everyone of legal age can sign up and meet guys and gals from around the country for an unlimited soiree. The site offers an "interactive dating experience" that will lure the Filipino singles market to this online matchmaking website that promises compatibility with their potential partners and more choices to meet people of the opposite sex.

What's more, this is the first website of its kind that is based in the Philippines. Made for Filipinos, the website will also organize exciting events and activities nationwide to make sure members meet and mingle until they find their perfect match.

Behind this website is Bigfoot Global Solutions, a global company with offices in NY, HK, Vietnam, Thailand and Germany headed by Nikolay Butvin, COO. It is also one of the top 5 IT companies in Cebu.

Joe Mercado, CEO of Bigfoot, explains that unlike the existing sites, itzamatch.com will give members a unique, reliable and compatible match from a million and one possibilities. The site will also have a core of multimedia services and mobile cross-functionality, which will allow users to communicate on more media with their friends, as opposed to the online link alone.

"With itzamatch.com's multimedia services, its users/members can explore more about their matches, open lines to new friends through their interests, through live events, and even through SMS/MMS and TV as well. Thus, the potential of itzamatch.com goes beyond its online service and onto its other equally exciting and innovative multimedia services," he says.

Online dating
"Connecting" with a potential mate has never been this easy, even if he/she is abroad, thanks to 21st century technology which has made "online dating" possible.

"Online dating literally involves browsing and choosing among a seemingly infinite array of possible mates. You can go online and, at any given moment, connect with a person from across the globe. In effect, online dating has similar virtues to serendipitous love: so many unlikely encounters result from thousands of strangers with brief histories and backgrounds. Plus the fact that online dating literally does away with the physical limitations requisite to 'real' dating," says Mary Ann Go, itzamatch head.

Countless "success stories" have also contributed to the efficiency of online dating. Aside from online dating though, the industry has grown to incorporate singles community sites that double as "activity partners" sites as well as venues for prospective romantic encounters. The surge of broadband, DSL, digital cameras and other similar technologies have boosted online dating's popularity.

"Finding romance and love on the Internet may seem dangerous and unsavory to a few people but the fact of the matter is online dating has changed the landscape of courtship. Online dating relaxes the tension of meeting someone for the first time and having to deal with him/her on terms other than your own. It provides a comfortable transition into the "real" date should everything else work out," adds Mary Ann.

As a veritable matchmaker, the website also promises to cook up activities that will bring together compatible members, such as a Singles Community page that will "guide" them through pointers about the right way of romance and art of meeting people. Nikolay says their ultimate aim is to raise the bar in both the online dating, mobile and the singles community scenes. "The entire itzamatch.com interactive experience will further include mobile product services, TV, live events and travel excursions," he adds.

Itzamatch TV
Itzamatch TV is the major driver in the marketing activities of Bigfoot in the matchmaking space. Television in the Philippine has reached a 70% penetration and is the most widely accessed medium today. The company plans to use TV as an information dissemination and marketing through entertainment.

According to producer Enrique Gonzalez, "Television is a great way to broadcast your message to your target market. Our membership base grew significantly when we launched Match TV back in 2002. We hope to replicate our success this year with an even more ambitious target."

Going global
The company will soon come up with a grand launch for the first online matchmaking website in the Philippines, using integrated media of TV, Mobile, Web, Live Events and Travel pursuits.

"From there, we will launch three dating shows called Blind date, Speedmatch and Text Chat in 3 different channels with TV hosts: Sara Meier and JM Rodriguez. We will host unique theme parties and singles travel events. There's a whole range of activities in store for our members," says Enrique.

Bigfoot's eventual goal is to reach a base of one million registered members by the end of the third quarter of this year. "By then, our Events and Travel team will definitely have their hands full with all the singles e-mailing where and when the next itzamatch.com event will be. TV will be up by then and will cater to an even wider audience," he says.

Next year, Joe Mercado says Bigfoot will map out a launching for itzamatch.com on a global scale. "It's all very exciting and we can't wait for the site to go global. That would mean the local dating scene would expand outside the country. Your perfect partner may be someone out there, and itzamatch.com will help you search for that match."

Source: Moist Communications

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