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Philips Pixel Plus Plasma TV

By Gesel Pereyra-Mangilit as written for The Daily Tribune (www.tribune.net.ph).

Whoever said a picture is a worth a thousand words must have the Philips Pixel Plus Plasma Tv in mind. Plasma what? you say. It may sound definitely plant-like but, no, it is actually what they call the newest breakthrough in TV technology that translates to incredibly sharp and detailed pictures, which to a certified couch potato DVD freak like me, means hours of viewing pleasure.

And how is this possible? Just think of your TV as being made up of horizontal and vertical lines and inside those lines are millions of dots called pixels, which makes up a picture. With Pixel Plus technology, the standard 720x525 NTSC resolution is doubled to an astounding 2048-pixel horizontal and 1050-line vertical resolution. Hence, apart from detail and clarity, you get supreme contrast, brightness and focus all over the screen with minimal distortion.

And if that ain't good enough for you, then think about high power audio performance through its Virtual Dolby Surround, making the action come alive with sound so real, you'd think you were there. And while it stops short from reading your mind and taking your body temperature, it can actually adjust itself to whatever the condition of the room it is in because the thing is equipped with a technology which allows it to adjust to important variables, such as daylight and nighttime viewing, giving you the best possible picture all the time.

For design connoisseurs, the sophisticated stream-lined look would definitely appeal. Sleek and flat, it can occupy a place of pride in its specially-designed arch stand or it can be mounted on a wall like a painting, leaving any room clutter-free and spacious.

The downside though, is that this TV costs as much a sedan, a whopping P490,000 thousand for 50 inch TV. And the irony was not lost on me: that I am light years away from owning what others may call at this moment the mothership of TV tech.

Though it may take considerable time before we see plasma TV become commonplace, I do take heart from the fact that with the head to head competition between Philips, Sony and Panasonic, this technology may one day be affordable. For the meantime, I am content to just sit back and relax in front of my good old trustworthy TV.

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