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The Healthy Hair Straightener

For some time now, many women have been quite obsessed with having smooth, perfectly straight hair. The advent of the hair rebonding and relaxing technology, and the proliferation of hair products designed to make hair look straighter are a testament to this beauty rage. (There has even been quite a big demand for a certain horse shampoo, which some say has made their hair feel thicker and look straighter. Whether this is true or not has yet to be determined.)

Most women would, indeed, try anything to achieve this desired look, some with unfortunate results like hair loss or brittle ends. Others would shell out quite a sum of money for treatments and products offering the same result. In the end, all the chemicals infused in some products result in ruined tresses.

"There is no such thing as bad hair, there is only poorly treated hair," Phytotherathrie creator Patrick Ales said.

Phytothe...what? Patrick who?

Since 1969, Phytotherathrie (now simply called Phyto) is a French brand devoted solely to making hair care products using plant extracts. It was founded by Ales, who "loves hair and plants," hence the company's philosophy. It has quite a loyal following among those who have tried the products, which are safe and created for very specific hair conditions.

An example is Phytoplage line, which include a shampoo, sun oil, sun gel and conditioner for those who are exposed for long periods of time to the sun and chlorine. There's also the very popular anti-hairloss line for men and women, called Phytocyane. This treatment line is used thrice a week. Phyto has something for virtually all hair problems, such as for dry hair, ultra dry hair, lifeless hair, baby hair, oily scalp, color-treated or permed hair, and fine and limp hair. Even the brand's styling products, like the multi-awarded, hair straightening Phytodefrisant, leaves the hair not only more sleekly beautiful, but healthier as well.

Like all other Phyto products (which number to about 40 that are available at Rustan's Essenses), Phytodefrisant is chemical-free and comprised of natural extracts. Phytodefrisant is a non-oily botanical straightening balm made with garlic, horseradish, ferula and sage. Added ingredients like absinnia rose tea nourish the hair, while hydrolized keratin restores and protects the cuticle. The hair becomes shinier as a result of the canola oil it contains. It works both on naturally curly or permed hair.
Best applied after shampooing, Phytodefrisant must be combed from roots to ends for even application. For best results, it should be used with a round brush while blow-drying.

Phytodefrisant not only relaxes and smoothes hair, but strengthens and rehydrates it as well without making it feel greasy. This straightening balm doubles as a revitalizing treatment for dry, thick or curly hair. It eliminates frizziness and controls static electricity. Phytodefrisant leaves the hair soft, shiny and easy to comb, while maintaining the hair's ideal moisture balance.

The effectiveness of the product is far-reaching and well known. In 2003, Allure magazine voted Phytodefrisant as the best hair straightener. It is a rare styling product that utilizes only natural extracts so continued use eases the straightening process and improves the overall texture of the hair.

Created by a company founded on hair, Phytodefrissant, which retails for just over P500, will surely be a welcome alternative for those obsessed with smooth, straight hair.

Source: Phyto Press Release

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