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Pond's New Skin Whitening Products

Pond's, a world-class skin care expert and the number one facial care brand in the Philippines, celebrates beauty, femininity and sophistication as it launches the newest face of the Pond's whitening line of products: the young and stunning Amanda Griffin. Joining the sunny VJ, television host, top model and inspiring entrepreneur, who gave birth to the Tabu brand, is an unquestionable fashion icon, designer Inno Sotto, who will be unveiling a 25-piece collection inspired by the essence of Pond's in a grand gathering at The Peninsula, Manila on May 6.

Ponds Skin Whitening Product Representative Amanda GriffinPond's senior brand manager Francis Flores affirms, "We pay tribute to the beautiful faces of Pond's; and what better way is there to do this than to bring together the most esteemed names of fashion and beauty to celebrate a night of glamour, style, and splendor. On this night we will unveil the brand's newest white beauty campaign."
Amanda Griffin, the heavenly face of Pond's joins the roster of beautiful and prestigious women who have testified to the unique benefits that the brand provides. Comfortable at the luxurious Peninsula Suite, Amanda graciously smiles, "I have been using Pond's for years. I believe in the product because it truly evens out my skin. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to freckles. The whitening cream balances my skin out and provides the radiant rosy-white glow I need whenever I am in front of the camera."

Best known for her vivacious persona as a Channel V VJ and her stylishly adventurous character as an F host, Amanda admits a feeling of flattery having been chosen to personify the Pond's girl: unblemished, confident and as beautiful as she can be. She muses, "I believe that the Pond's girl remains sweet and dainty; but at the same time, I think she's also become more modern in her views and is more aware of what she wants for herself. She's well-informed, go getting, and is willing to try a lot of things. She wants to experience, see, and achieve more. I am the type of person who is open to adventure and to new experiences. And having said that, I do hope I can say that I epitomize the Pond's girl."

Beaming with glee, Amanda adds, "I am very excited about doing this project, also because it is with Inno Sotto. He's certainly a pillar in the local fashion industry, one I truly respect."

Inno Sotto, an influential icon in Philippine fashion design, will be unveiling a 25-piece collection inspired by the Pond's Woman and its dedication to fresh and vibrant white beauty. Sotto explains, "It's been two years since my last show. This time around, when I was asked to be involved in this endeavor, I agreed because of Pond's dedication to its mission, and that is the sincere goal to make women be and feel more beautiful. That is something I certainly believe in."

Sotto will be revealing a line of cocktail dresses and long gowns, anchoring on his signature sophistication, clean precision, and understated elegance. Sotto smiles, "I will be showing a lot of skin in this collection. The focus is to bring out the character that Pond's personifies fused with the sensibilities I am best known for. I intend to work with light colors and fabrics to create softness and freshness."

Pond's, women's trusted brand in facial care, has orchestrated this stylish evening not only to pay tribute to the faces that have graced the brand but the different Pond's white beauty products as well. Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Cream is a special non-greasy cream base that leaves your skin with an even-toned matte finish and can be used as an excellent make-up foundation. The Skin Whitening Vitamin Fluid is a new ultra-light fluid form that is so easily absorbed and is non-sticky so it glides on your face easily. It gives a soft, naturally fresh, no makeup look. And the new Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Pearl Cream evens out dark areas of your skin and gives you that powder-smooth finish.

For over 50 years, Pond's understanding of a woman's life, and the intimate way in which having beautiful skin enhances the way she feels, thinks, hopes and acts has made women across generations believe that the wish of being beautiful everyday and anytime is easily a step away.

Source: Pond's Press Release

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