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Celebrate Perfect Moments with Pond's White Beauty

A woman's life is marked by unforgettable moments. The first date, prom, debut, and her wedding, are among the list of experiences a woman truly prepares for and gets really excited about. Whether it be wearing remarkable clothes, putting on just the right make-up, or getting that radiant glow on their faces, women take painstaking preparations just to make sure all these are perfect.

Pond's, the number one facial care brand in the Philippines knows this too well. For these moments when a woman has to look and feel perfect, Pond's introduces the New Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Leave-on Range. It effectively whitens the skin and lightens pimple scars and dark spots to give women the flawless rosy white skin they've always dreamed of.

As shown in its latest TV commercial, meeting the future mother-in-law can be one tough situation. Just the thought of being under the scrutiny of an uncompromising future mother-in-law is enough to create sleepless nights for any young woman. Pond's White Beauty understands that making women feel more beautiful will make them feel stronger and confident to face these moments when they just have to be perfect head-on. When she knows her skin is looking its best, she feels radiant and is ready to take on the world.

To celebrate the moments when New Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Leave-on Range helps transform women to look and feel perfect, Pond's has invited three of the most sought-after designers of our time to create their own Pond's collections. At a special launch event to be held at The Ayala Museum on March 1, the Pond's Collections of Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz and Dennis Lustico will be unveiled in a fashion show to celebrate the perfect moments in every woman's life.

Rajo Laurel will be doing a prom collection for the perfect moment when every woman gets her first chance at romance. Dennis Lustico, for the perfect moment when a lady steps into womanhood, will be showcasing a special debut collection. And Randy Ortiz will be presenting his special collection to celebrate the perfect moment of every woman's first date. For the finale, all three designers will be creating special outfits for the ultimate perfect moment in a woman's life, her wedding.

Rajo Laurel is particularly excited about his prom collection. Rajo shares, "Prom dresses are really close to my heart, because this is how I started as a designer." He knows that perfection is all about details and this is translated to the works of art he creates. Return to glam is how Dennis Lustico describes his debut collection. Taking inspiration from the modern royals and modern princesses of the 1950's, the clothes will be all about sophistication and glamour. Randy Ortiz' first date collection will be all about vintage glamour. "I'll be doing an ultra-feminine line that will introduce softness and textures. Watch out for a lot of Grecian-inspired dresses," shares Randy. We leave it to your imagination to think of what stunning wedding gowns these three designers will come up with for the finale. Judging from the descriptions of their own respective collections, these gowns will surely make us swoon and make us want to think about our own perfect moments.

Francis Flores, Brand Group Manager for Pond's shares, "We chose these three designers because they understand the Pond's philosophy of empowering women to be as beautiful as they want to be. With the clothes they design, they clearly understand the need for women to look and feel good about themselves." Shared passion of wanting to make women feel and look beautiful, make Pond's and these three top players in their respective fields. It comes from a genuine understanding of women and genuine desire to equip them with powerful armors, whether it be the kind of skin they have, or the clothes they wear, to face moments when they just have to be perfect.

"I'm really looking forward to unveiling my Pond's collection," exclaims Rajo. "It's exciting to be able to create a collection specially designed for a beauty line that truly understands and empowers women." This is the same principle that guides me as a designer, he says. Randy shares, "I grew up seeing my grandmother and mother use Pond's, and I've witnessed how it really helps women take care of their skin." Dennis adds, "It's good to collaborate with Pond's, a brand that puts emphasis on women, to make them feel good about themselves."

March 1 will truly be a memorable day as Pond's re-launches the Pond's Skin Whitening Vitamin Leave-on Range and unveils the Pond's collections of the three designers designed to celebrate perfect moments- both to empower and enhance women to be as beautiful as they want to be



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